With 500 Subscribers, Anyone May Now Make Money On Youtube.

In Brief

  • To give smaller producers on the site more chances, YouTube is making significant adjustments to its revenue policy.
  • The business has disclosed that it will ease the criteria for joining the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Previously, those with 1000 subscribers were eligible; currently, only 500 persons are.

By Ankita Chakravarti: Are you a YouTube content creator who is having trouble increasing your subscriber count? The minimum number of subscribers has now been lowered by the Google-owned video service from 1000 to 500. To give smaller producers on the site more chances, YouTube is making significant adjustments to its revenue policy. The business has declared that it will ease the prerequisites for joining the YouTube Partner Program and increase the variety of income options available to creators with smaller audiences.

Before, in order to join the YouTube Partner Program and start making money from their material, creators had to fulfil certain requirements. However, under the new regulation, authors will just need 500 subscribers, which is only half of the prior criterion, to be eligible. Additionally, the criterion for Shorts views was decreased from 10 million to 3 million, and the watch hour criteria was cut from 4,000 to 3,000. Initially, the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, and South Korea will implement these amended regulations.

Smaller producers will now have additional options to monetize their material on YouTube, but in order to receive ad money, they will still need to increase their audience size and meet certain standards. The current criteria for income sharing won’t change, but creators who have already been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program won’t need to apply again once they reach the new standards.

With the launch of an ad revenue sharing programme for Shorts, the platform’s short-form content, YouTube has actively encouraged producers to make money through the program’s ad revenue sharing. YouTube wants to reward creators and improve its short-form video offerings, so it gives them the option to monetise their work.

Other platforms, like TikTok, have made steps to promote creator monetization, similar to YouTube. Recently, TikTok said that its Series video paywall feature would be accessible to producers with over 10,000 followers, while those with just 1,000 followers who meet extra requirements can also apply. Creators can now offer premium content that fans can access for a fee thanks to this capability.In addition, YouTube is extending its retail affiliate programme, which was previously restricted to a select group of producers who had been invited. Now that they have access to the program, YPP members in the US who have at least 20,000 subscribers can use it to promote products and earn money through affiliate marketing.

With the help of these upgrades from YouTube and other platforms, smaller producers will be supported and have more monetization choices available, allowing them to make money and support their creative endeavours.

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