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How To Start PUBG Mobile YouTube Streaming On Laptop

You can highlight your talents by streaming on YouTube if you love to play PUBG Mobile on your laptop. Follow the enumerated steps, and on the popular video sharing site, you can stream the game.

If you love to play PUBG Mobile on your laptop and are considering streaming the game on YouTube to showcase your talents, then don’t worry, as Technical First Post will tell you how to do so.

You must use an emulator if you are already playing PUBG Mobile on your desktop. Know that you must have an emulator that will allow you to play PUBG Mobile for those who want to try out the game on your laptops. You can use Tencent Game’s own emulator, Tencent Gaming Buddy, or common emulators, such as BlueStacks.

How To Start PUBG Mobile YouTube Streaming On Laptop

Just make sure you tick all the points in the list below and you’re not going to face a problem.

1. Ensure that you have a laptop with a decent processor and RAM, which will make sure that there is no lag when playing PUBG Mobile.

2. Make sure you have a secure internet link, because without any issues, it will help stream the game smoothly.

3. You need to download a program that allows you to watch the game live. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is the most common technology used by gamers .

4. On your laptop, open OBS and click on the ‘Game Capture’ feature. This can be found in the settings icon located at the bottom of the page.

5. To continue, pick PUBG Mobile as the game you want to stream and then press ‘OK.’

6. Open YouTube, go to your channel and head over. Please press ‘Maker Studio’. Go to the option for ‘LIVE STREAMING’ and select ‘Stream Now’.

7. Go to Encoder Setup after this and copy your Server URL and Stream Key. Keep a secret with the Stream Key, as anyone can use this to live stream using your channel.

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