YouTube Verification: How to Get a Grey Checkmark for Your Channel

You've Come To The Right Place If You Don't Know How To Get A Verification Badge From Youtube For Your Site. This Article Is Going To Explain How.

For someone who wants to make money from this video sharing site, having a YouTube verification badge is massively necessary.

But having the little grey checkmark (and keeping it) is not easy. You may have tried to get your YouTube channel checked before, and you were denied. Maybe you won it, and not long after, without knowing why, you lost it. Or you just may not know where to begin.

It might take a while, but it’s certainly possible. And they’re worth it. This post will inform you exactly what you need to do in order for YouTube to be confirmed.

Let ‘s talk about the basics first.

What is the verification of YouTube?

A verification badge for YouTube is a grey checkmark or a grey music note shown next to a YouTube creator’s or a YouTube artist’s channel name.

Now, check out your channel on YouTube. Your channel is not checked if you don’t see any of these checkmarks.

This badge of authentication shows integrity. It tells the world that a true human being, an existing founder, or an authenticated brand / organisation is running your YouTube channel.

– No exclusive characteristics. Being checked on YouTube does not mean that any special features or rewards or awards can be accessed. As previously said, it only gives credibility to you or your brand. In other words, the first time they see your video on the feed, YouTube viewers would likely trust your channel.

– Preventing traffic from being robbed. Being checked on YouTube prevents infringement of any traffic that should go to your channel by copycats or impersonators.

Note: YouTube revealed a new template for channel verification in September 2019. It said the current grey checkmark will be replaced by a grey backdrop. The new badge, however, has not been rolled out so far. When the modification is made, we’ll keep you posted.

A YouTube authentication badge and authentication of the YouTube account: Are they the same?

The reply is a loud No! They’re two separate things.

Account verification on YouTube

Like most social media sites, when you first create an account, YouTube asks you to check your account by adding a phone number. This makes YouTube conscious that you’re a true human being, not a bot trying to spam a website.

You will be given a facility to upload videos more than 15 minutes long, add custom thumbnails, live stream, and appeal to content ID claims by checking your account.

In order to create a legitimate channel, this is a crucial step. Anyone who wants their YouTube channel to be monetized should check their account.

Verification badge from YouTube

It’s a little different when it comes to having a YouTube authentication badge. And from the start to the end of this article, this is what we’re referring to. It is an authenticity badge, as YouTube has said:

It’s the official channel of a founder, artist, business, or public figure if a channel is confirmed. Verified channels help to separate official channels from other YouTube channels with similar names.

You can check your YouTube account in a second by getting a phone number. But having a verification badge requires time and effort because you need to accomplish all the benchmarks set. To find out what the metrics are, keep reading.

Why get verified on YouTube?

Verification gives a profile an extra benefit on almost all social media sites. Two items are proven by it; first, the person who owns the account is who they claim to be. Second, and second, sharing social content is a serious matter for the user. You’re aware of what you’re going to say and how you look on the network.

Sooner or later, any inauthentic strategies to increase views or subscribers would backfire. This is because a channel is no longer checked by YouTube purely based on the number of followers.

In addition , having a verification badge helps prevent your channel from being mistaken on YouTube for other “fake” channels. Their channels are the same as yours, but your followers can find you because your channel is checked by YouTube, and prospective viewers can recognise you as a trustworthy brand.

Understand the verification criteria of YouTube

Previously, you could easily get a verification badge if your channel received over 100,000 subscribers. Many people, however, think of a YouTube verification badge as a form of endorsement of content, not identification. That’s why they changed their verification policy on the website.

Your channel must meet the following conditions as of October 2019 to get a YouTube verification badge:

– Provide 100,000 subscribers at least.
– Be genuine, meaning that the actual founder, brand, or individual you claim to be must reflect your channel.
– Be full, which means that your channel must be public and have a definition, a channel icon, and content, and must be active on YouTube.

Is there a shortcut to getting proof from YouTube?

Spammers or quick-money-makers are often trying to tell you shortcuts that promise instant wins, mostly “break-the-rules” tricks. These deals can be seen anywhere!

For them, be vigilant. They are, like most basic things, too good to be true.

After all, to have your channel checked, you need to comply with all the criteria YouTube has created.

Following proven strategies to increase views for your channel and raise your subscribers is the best way to quickly get a YouTube verification badge. Reflect on these tips:

– Be frank about what you post, and be open. It is good to create awesome video content to attract viewers, but be sure it’s true and genuine. Don’t exaggerate the product / service ‘s benefits. For example, if you’re selling a product, go behind the scenes, tell a storey about where you get the materials and how you actually produce them.
– React to any comments on your videos that you have. It’s a great way to show you’re genuine, and you respect the opinions / feedback of individuals. It also helps you launch a dialogue and allows them to subscribe to your channel with new audiences.
– Regularly and reliably exchange videos. You don’t need to upload a video every hour or every couple of hours, obviously. But you should upload at least one video a week, particularly if you’re just getting started or trying to create an audience. To schedule videos, you can use software like Hootsuite, so you can concentrate more on producing regularly high-quality content. The following video describes how Hootsuite will help you control your presence on YouTube:

On YouTube, how to get confirmed

Take these two quick steps to get a YouTube verification badge if you meet the requirements above:

Step 1: Go to the help page for Google
This URL is clickable: https:/, or copy it to your browser and paste it. Hit Enter, then.

Scroll down to the Apply for channel verification section after that, and you will see a text box like this.

Notice that in the text box, Add Anchor Text Now. To enter the application form, you’ll need to click on it.

Note: You can’t see the connexion if your channel isn’t qualified. Instead, as below, you will see a message:

Step 2: Complete the form

To access the application form, click on Apply Now. All you need to do is fill out the details.

Login into your YouTube account > Settings > Advanced settings to know your Channel Name, and you’ll see it like this:

Only press the submit button once you’re done, and you’ll see this notification:

For clarification, YouTube will also send you an email:

Note that for performance, you can have to wait several weeks.

How to remain on YouTube confirmed

Don’t breach the Service Terms

Getting verified on YouTube is one thing; keeping verified is another thing. Even if you have met all the requirements and got a verification badge, if you then break their Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, YouTube can and will take it away.

Don’t change the name of your channel!

If you change the name of your channel, then you also lose your badge. But using the new name, you can apply for verification again.

It’s not as easy as it seems to receive a Youtube verification badge; lots of work is needed before you can get it. But as long as you meet the guidelines of YouTube, you should soon have no trouble achieving the grey checkmark. Oh, good luck!

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