Pubg Mobile Hacks: Latest Anti-cheat System In One Week Bans 2,376,017 Accounts

– Over the last week, PUBG Mobile has banned more than 2,376,017 accounts for fraud.
– On the social media handles, officials released numbers of suspended cheaters.

PUBG Mobile has released its fifth study on cheaters who have been suspended for a week, i.e. between 18 September and 24 September. The first report, in which 2,273,152 accounts were suspended, was posted on 29 August. 1,838,223 accounts caught cheating were seen in the second one.

Over 2,080,812 accounts issued restrictions last week. And this week, over 2,376,017 fraud accounts were banned by PUBG Mobile, with each receiving a permanent suspension.

Here is a break-up of the blocked accounts:

– 1% of Conqueror tier accounts
– 7% of Ace tier accounts
– 9% of Crown tier accounts
– 14% of Diamond tier accounts
– 18% of Platinum tier account
– 15% of Gold tier accounts
– 9% of Silver tier accounts
– 27% of Bronze tier accounts
– 28 percent of the cheats were banned from shooting enemies automatically using third-party scripts due to auto-aim misuse.
– In order to obtain an unfair advantage and see the location of the enemy through covers and walls, about 36% of the cheaters used X-Ray visions.
– 19 percent used speed hacks through an unfair movement advantage to outperform enemies.
– 1% of the frauds earned suspensions for the use of area damage adjustment where other frauds could be killed immediately with increased bullet damage.
– 1% of hackers were barred due to the use of character model hack modifications to achieve an unfair advantage using third-party plugins.
– For reasons not stated, the remaining 15 percent have been banned.

Now in play, the latest PUBG Mobile anti-cheat feature

PUBG Mobile wants to provide every player with a fair gameplay environment, so a new anti-cheat function called the Video Review Station has been developed by the developers.

With this scheme, players will determine whether or not the recorded gamer in the video is hacking. If the latter is found to be guilty by the maximum number of answers, the officials will check the footage for further verification.

Players who study the videos are named investigators, and the title of Master Investigator will be given to the top investigators. If an investigator helps in a week with 21 accurate decisions, then they can earn as a reward three classic crate coupons.

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