With Any Android Smartphone, How To Set Up The Google Play Store

Isn’t it strange that some Android devices don’t come pre-installed with the Google Play Store? That is true, and a number of Android devices, including modified models and unlicensed models, frequently come out of the box without the Google Play Store and other Play Services packages. Additionally, devices running forked Android versions or custom ROMs do not have access to Google Services, including Gmail, YouTube, Docs, and all the others. There are a few ways for users to access the Google Play Store and other Google Services, however it is unknown whether these workarounds are compatible with various devices.

When they were first introduced, certain Operating Systems did not include the App Stores. However, the firms developed these stress where customers may download secure programs and games in order to protect user data and privacy. For instance, when Apple first came out, there was no Apple App Store; but, as soon as a few small third-party stores appeared, Apple added its own App Store. Similar to that, Android launched the Play Store and rebranded the Android App Store.

Benefits of Native App Stores:

These perspectives have some advantages for both the user and the business. From the users’ point of view, we must state the following advantages:

Trusted Source: Because legitimate app shops put apps through a review process to guarantee they satisfy quality and security criteria, there is less chance of users downloading harmful software when using these apps.

Simple Discovery: In order to save customers time and effort during in-app research, app stores offer an easy platform for discovering fresh and intriguing apps through search, categories, and recommendations.

Regular Updates: Since the programs are pre-screened to halt the installation of malicious or misleading software, installing apps from app stores is simple and secure.

Regular Updates: Users always have access to the most recent features, enhancements, and bug fixes thanks to app stores, which manage updates for them automatically.

Consistent Experience: Native apps provide a consistent and familiar user experience by adhering to the platform’s design principles and enabling fluid interaction with the device.

Optimized Performance: Native apps are designed to operate seamlessly on a particular operating system, making optimum use of available resources for improved performance and responsiveness.

Secure Transactions: To ensure the security of in-app purchases and subscriptions and to safeguard users’ financial information, app stores provide secure payment gateways.

User Reviews and Ratings: Before downloading an app, consumers can make educated judgments thanks to user reviews and ratings on app stores, which offer information about the quality, usefulness, and dependability of the app.

Privacy Control: User consent is frequently required by app stores before sensitive data can be accessed, providing users more control over their privacy and data protection.

Brand Recognition: Through legitimate app stores, users can quickly recognize trustworthy companies and developers, increasing their trust and confidence in the programs they decide to install.

The two biggest app marketplaces available are the Android Play Store and the Apple App Store. Users can easily download and install applications.

Why Play Store is not present on some Android devices?

There could be a number of causes, but the known ones are listed below:

  • The maker declined to enroll in the Android compatibility program.
  • The manufacturer and Google do not have a Google Play Developer Agreement in place.

Manufacturers must adhere to a number of rules and requirements before enrolling in these programs; if they do not, Google Play Services will not be supported on the corresponding Android device.

Although Android is an open-source operating system, these manufacturers must first comply with the requirements in order to use Play Services and other Google services. Devices that launch with Android-based Fire OS but do not support Google services, such as the Play Store, include Amazon Fire devices. They have a unique App Store of their own.

Alternatives to Play Store

There are a number of additional third-party software shops for the Android operating system where you may obtain trusted and signed APK (Installation Files) for your smartphone. These apps are listed below:

  • Amazon App Store: For devices without the Play Store installed, it is the best and only choice. Users don’t need to be concerned about privacy or other risks related to data theft when downloading apps from the Amazon App Store. Along with the availability of well-known social media apps, the shop offers a wide variety of apps and games. There are ways to obtain apps that might not be available in the store.
  • Direct Download from APK Mirror and APKPure – Although we don’t advise using them, consumers can obtain signed APKs via the APK Mirror or APKPure websites if Play Store isn’t available. However, since it violates Google’s principles and ethics, we also forbid the installation of paid apps through such app shops. Additionally, the modified APKs of premium apps could occasionally contain malware, which would lead to data loss and raise serious issues with device privacy.

If installing the Play Store on your smartphone is the only choice left after trying these third-party App Stores, we’ve included instructions on how to install Google Services below.

Ways to Install Play Store on Android Devices

There are a few ways to install the Play Store, but there is no guarantee that they will work. These techniques might not be effective on all devices. Carefully follow each step; failing to do so would prevent the Play Store from installing.


  • Enable “Unknown sources” installation on your smartphone to allow the installation of apps from other parties. You can enable it by going to Settings>Security>Unknown sources.
  • Four Google Applications must now be downloaded by the user for the Play Store to function on their devices. Google Account Manager, Google Services Framework, Google Play Service, and Google Play Store are among these applications. APK package names are listed below so you can quickly get them for your specific device from APKMirror or APKPure.

com.google.gsf.login – Google Account Manager – If the user has Android 7.2 or higher installed, they should download the Google Manager APK 7.2. Another illustration is to install Google Account Manager 5.0 if you are using Android 5.0. Link to Download

com.google.android.gsf – Google Services Framework – Following the same approach as before, download Google Services Framework 12 if your device is running Android 12. Link to Download

com.google.android.gms – Google Play Services – Users should choose a version that works with the Android version and hardware they are using. It may be confusing, but you need to install older versions of Android if you’re using an older version of the operating system. Link to Download

com.android.vending – Google Play Store – For any device, the user can download the most recent stable version. There won’t be any problems with the application. Link to Download

Steps to Install Play Store on Android Smartphone

The user should carry out the actions listed below after downloading the aforementioned four packages and after enabling installation from unidentified sources.

Install the three apps in the following order after downloading them:


2. After installation, the user must restart their device for the Play Store to function.

Note: If a user got the incorrect version of an app’s apk for their specific smartphone architecture or Android version, installation may fail.

After opening the Play Store successfully, the user can begin downloading new games and apps. If not, the user must download other APK versions to attempt. The customer is only left with the choice of using third-party app stores if the Play Store fails to function after numerous tries.

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