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There are just a small number of companies that dominate the browser industry globally, and India is no different in the World Wide Web. With a market share of more than 58%, Google’s Chrome, which is native to Android, is the most widely used mobile web browser in the world. With market shares of 35.5%, 4%, and 1.1%, respectively, Apple’s Safari, Samsung Internet Browser, and Opera are the next three browsers after Chrome.

In the Indian market, which is dominated by Android, Chrome’s dominance is more obvious. According to data from Similarweb, 89% of all mobile devices in the nation as of August 2023 used the browser. However, the team at Veera has introduced its in-house mobile web browser, Veera, which has caused quite a stir, after going unnoticed for the previous nine months. The newest attempt by an Indian startup to offer a native internet browsing experience—where many have failed in the face of Google’s dominance—is Veera’s browser.

Veera’s debut follows Zoho’s entry into the browser market and the release of its privacy-focused browser Ulaa. The founders of the startup include former Alpha Wave VC Arjun Ghose, Brave Browser board member Rahul Pagdipati, Paddle8 founder Aditya Julka, and Kanu Gupta, a founding member of Goldman Sachs.

The startup has so far received funding from companies like Ayon Capital, COG Network, 6th Man Ventures, Folius Ventures, and iSeed Ventures, as well as angel investors like Dr. Devaiah Pagidipati of Freedom Health, Physician Partners, and Anion Health, Kabir Narang of B-Capital, Nikhil Mohta of Carlyle, and Kevin Hu of Brevam Howard. Team Inc42 decided to test Veera Browser because it is still in the beta stage and early access is only available to certain individuals.

An Ad-Free Internet Experience

Veera is undoubtedly based on Chromium, a free and open-source software (FOSS) web browser project from Google. Google Chrome, as well as other well-known browsers like Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave, are built on the Chromium codebase. However, advertising that impede the general surfing experience continue to be one of the most obvious problems with Google Chrome and many other browsers. Veera states that it provides a pristine, ad-free experience. In our usage, the claims stood up well. The Veera Browser software claims to have blocked 57 adverts during a two-minute surfing session on a news website while also saving 2.2 MB of data.

The browser contains ‘Veera Kavach’, which by default activates a number of security and cookie-related protocols to provide users with an ad-free experience. In order to prevent any tracking of user internet behavior, the browser first automatically redirects AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages to non-AMP pages, tracks URLs, and upgrades connections to HTTPS. Additionally, the browser disables third-party/cross-site cookies, which are used by Google and other marketers to show advertisements on other websites. While certain websites may be affected, most of them appeared to function normally in our testing.

Veera clears all browsing data after users exit the application, giving them an extra degree of privacy protection. Veera also offers a homepage that displays news links as playing cards and in-browser games. While the news links in our initial usage were general and only included current events, Veera gradually customizes the homepage by examining what the user is browsing. In essence, Veera is gaining market share from Chrome. Although the ad-free experience held up in our testing, it is unclear how significant a USP like this will be for Indian users.

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