Updates To Aadhaar Will Be Made To Mobile Numbers And Email Addresses; No Need To Visit The Centre

On its website and mobile app, the Unique Identification Authority of India has introduced a new function. This would make it simple for consumers to confirm the mobile phone number and email address associated with their Aadhaar.

In several instances, it was seen that consumers were unaware of the cell number that their Aadhaar was connected to. This step has been made while keeping that in mind. People used to worry that they wouldn’t know if their Aadhaar OTP went to a different mobile number, according to a statement from UIDAI. With this feature, consumers can now quickly determine which mobile number or email address is connected to their Aadhaar.

The ’email/mobile number’ verification feature via the official website or m-Aadhaar app, according to the statement This feature is accessible under That example, by going to the M-Aadhaar app, you can confirm your mobile number or email address. Verification will make sure that the phone number you are using to provide the OTP is actually yours and not someone else’s.

Update On Aadhaar: No Need To Visit The Centre

The announcement claims that you can use the ’email/mobile number’ verification tool on the official website or the m-Aadhaar app to access this service. Even if a mobile number is not linked, this facility notifies users and alerts them to mobile number updates. If the mobile number has previously been validated, residents will receive a notification on the screen.

The text message will state that the mobile number you entered has already been validated against our records. Anyone can check their mobile’s last three digits using the new feature on the ‘My Aadhaar’ portal or mAadhaar app if they can’t recall the mobile number they provided when they applied for their Aadhaar number.

Will Still Function Even If The Mobile Number Is Disconnected

Even if a mobile number is not linked, this function alerts the public and advises them to register their cellphone number. “If the mobile number is already verified, then people will see a message on the screen,” the statement reads. That notification will state that the mobile number you entered has already been confirmed based on our data.

If One Can’t Remember The Number

The last three digits of the mobile number can be entered on the “My Aadhaar” portal or the “mAadhaar App” for the new functionality if a person cannot recall the mobile number they provided when receiving their Aadhaar number. To link the email and cell number with Aadhaar, one must go to the closest Aadhaar centre, according to UIDAI.

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