Top 11 TikTok Alternatives For India Users in 2023

The next social media revolution was just a matter of time until it swept the country and altered the rules of the game for content producers everywhere. With a strong app and clever marketing tactics, TikTok stormed onto the scene in 2017 and gave everyone the ability to create content.

Since January 2021, TikTok has been prohibited in India; in this essay, we examine the many TikTok alternatives and their significance to influencer marketing initiatives.

TikTok: The Origin

An app for social sharing and creating short videos is called TikTok. The videos, which are mostly lip-synched memes of popular songs, are typically 15 seconds long but can be longer. TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps in the world thanks to its user-friendly layout, a variety of editing tools, a large music library, and built-in sharing functions. TikTok was introduced in 2017 by Beijing-based internet startup ByteDance. The same year, ByteDance paid almost $900 million to acquire the Shanghai-based social video platform

TikTok absorbed and all of its users in 2018. In more than 150 nations and regions, TikTok had 500 million monthly users by the end of June. The number increased to 800 million in 2019. Over 1.9 billion downloads of TikTok have been made across all platforms, with 44% of those downloads taking place in 2019. Only in India were 467 million of those downloads made.

Up until June 29th, when the Indian Government banned TikTok along with 58 other China-based apps, usage of the app peaked in India with over 119 million active users.

So what is going on right now in India?

Since TikTok’s success and abrupt disappearance, a number of short-video social applications have emerged with varied degrees of popularity. Here are 11 people who have excelled in providing TikTok substitutes that lessen the impact of TikTok’s withdrawal from the Indian market.

Top 11 TikTok Alternatives

Instagram Reels

Soon after TikTok was banned, Instagram released Reels in India. Reels may be found at the bottom of the Instagram app’s home screen and is an additional function rather than a separate app. It is very similar to TikTok in terms of features and functionality, but it has the advantage of being in the same location where you make normal postings. Reels is the front-runner among TikTok Alternatives in India to fill the void left by TikTok, with Instagram having more than a billion monthly users as of 2018.

Youtube shorts

After Tik Tok was banned in India in September 2020, Youtube introduced shorts at the same time as Instagram reels. Since then, thirty-second YouTube videos have been produced using the functionality by content producers. YouTube shorts are quite popular, and well-known YouTubers are also very active on this platform. YouTube has attracted a lot of new creators, and the site is rapidly expanding.

Although the platform has not yet been made profitable, Youtube is taking steps to do it in 2023 by include shorts in its partner program.

MX TakaTak

MX TakaTak is another growing star on the list of TikTok substitutes. The video editing and dialogue dubbing functions of an Android software made by MX Media and Entertainment are well-known. You may generate and share a range of video formats with this entertaining video maker on a number of the most popular social networking sites.

In addition, MX TakaTak allows you to duplicate the song’s hook steps. This app, which has the newest features including multilingual content, a beauty cam, a large music library, and more, is surely becoming more and more well-liked among Indian content producers.


One of the apps that received a lot of attention after TikTok was prohibited in India is Chingari. More than 10 million people have downloaded it as of right now from Google Play Store. The app’s three primary parts are Videos, News, and The Game Zone, and it offers an intuitive user interface.

You can participate in a variety of tests and mini-games, like Sudoku and Cut The Rope, at The Game Zone. And when you play, it gives you points or Paytm cash. Chingari includes all of the standard features found in social video apps, including filters, song selection, video speed, timer, GIFs, status videos for WhatsApp, and much more.


In the excitement that followed the prohibition of TikTok and 58 other Chinese applications, Mitron, another Indian app, helped TikTok Alternatives gain notoriety. Mitron is a user-friendly program with basic video editing tools that let you add music, filters, and timers to your films.

When watching videos that other people have made, you can swipe right on a video to quickly see that creator’s profile and tap them to follow them. Mitron offers a straightforward user interface, however its song selection is constrained when compared to other apps.

Bolo Indya

A short video app called Bolo Indya is rapidly rising in popularity. There have been more than a million downloads so far across the nation. Short videos can be created and edited in a variety of regional languages using this video-sharing tool. The software seeks to remove any language boundaries and enable Indians to discuss concepts, share opinions, and obtain knowledge using the power of social video.

With films on a variety of subjects, including general knowledge, travel, gastronomy, and health, Bolo Indya is leading the battle to make social media a more knowledgeable place.

Moj by Sharechat

The day TikTok was banned, ShareChat, an Indian social networking software, released Moj. The program has all the tools required to create short videos, including effects, filters, stickers, timings, and music. You may quickly watch the films made by other producers without logging in thanks to the app’s design, which is comparable to Instagram’s. Despite the fact that this option is useful for users who want to stay anonymous, you must still sign in in order to make and distribute films.


Over 50 million people have downloaded Roposo, a brief video social app owned by InMobi. The software, which is available in ten languages besides English, has a simple layout for easy interaction and video uploads.

There are several editing options available with Roposo, including filters, GIF stickers, time-lapse, slow motion, and a ton of lighting adjustments. You may download videos from the app to watch later, which is one of its key features. really practical for frequent travelers.


Triller is an entertainment platform created for producers and is perhaps one of the most well-liked TikTok alternatives. With the help of an auto-editing algorithm, the software enables groups to cooperate on the creation of short videos. The website offers more than 100 filters that enable users to completely customize their films.

Users can use their own music or popular tracks to create videos, similar to TikTok. The fact that the videos can be shared immediately from the app on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, offering a genuine social media experience, is a standout feature though.


Dubsmash started the trend of lip-synched videos with well-known songs and soundbites in India long before TikTok even existed. Dubsmash, which was previously solely a video editing program, now has advanced social sharing capabilities. The program supports lip-syncing to songs and movie quotes, mixing your videos with dubs—pre-recorded audio—and many more inventive ideas.

Dubsmash, one of the most well-known entertainment platforms with over 100 million downloads, is a well-liked TikTok rival because it was the first app to popularize the idea of fusing videos of oneself with music and sounds.


Trell is a well-liked social-video lifestyle app that specializes in travel and lifestyle content.
Now that videos are divided into many categories, it’s simple for you to populate your feed with the stuff you like. The Trell Shop section, where you may purchase items manufactured by other people, is an intriguing feature. Instead than merely using the platform for creating quick videos, there is now a blog component for publishing textual content.

Josh by DailyHunt

In response to TikTok’s prohibition, Dailyhunt, one of the most well-known local language discovery sites in India, launched a short video app known as Josh. Josh has reached over 50 million downloads, 1 billion daily video plays, and 23 million daily active users while operating covertly over the previous few months. Josh is a great prospect to take the position of TikTok Alternatives in India because it targets the country’s sizable local language market.

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