Instagram Is Making It More Difficult For Users To Continuously DM You.

Instagram is making an effort to make it harder for users who don’t follow you to bombard you with unwanted DM requests. Instagram only allows individuals you don’t follow to submit a one-message invite before they may start chatting with you as a result of testing the feature in June. You should no longer receive any unsolicited images, videos, or voice communications in response to message requests because that message can only contain text. Instagram used to allow users to send an unlimited number of message requests, which could soon become out of control.

Users can no longer send you several messages before you have granted their request to connect. Requests for messages are kept in the Requests button, which is found in the DM tab on Instagram above your inbox. You should be aware that you will only get requests if your privacy settings demand that users send a request before messaging you.

Cindy Southworth, Meta’s head of women’s safety, says in a statement, “We want people to feel confident and in control when they open their inbox.” We’re testing new features that prevent users from receiving several messages, photos, or videos from people they don’t follow until they’ve agreed to a chat invitation, so that’s why.

As part of a larger effort to promote safety, Meta began testing the function. Additional to rolling out stronger parental controls on Instagram and Messenger that give parents a more in-depth view of what their child is doing on each app, Meta also included new messaging precautions on Instagram.

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