How to View or Find Facebook Password if you Forgot it?

If you forgot your Facebook password and now you want to find the password without changing it on your android device, then go through this article.

Sometimes you want to log in to your Facebook account on another device or phone. However, you forget or doesn’t remember your current Facebook account password and you want to recover it without phone number and recovery email, then you need to find or view current Facebook password. Go through this article, in this article you are going to know two methods to recover and see your current Facebook password on android phone if you forgot it without changing it.

Method 1

Find Facebook Password using Autofill Password

  • Open Settings of your Android phone.
  • On search type Autofill.
  • Then select “Reset password and autofill” from the search result.
  • Then, tap on Google and open it.
  • Here you will find all your Saved password.
  • Next, select Facebook.
  • You will see your Facebook login details such as your id and password.
  • Next to the password you will see the eye icon, tap on that and you will see your Facebook password.

If you could not find your Facebook account on the list through above method, then you can try the next method.

Method 2

Find Facebook Password using Chrome Browser Settings

  • Open chrome browser on your android.
  • Tap on the three dot Menu icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • From Menu select Settings, tap to open it.
  • Go to your Password manager, open it.
  • Here, you will be able to see all your Saved passwords.
  • When you find your Facebook account, click on it and you will see your Facebook account login details such as id and password.
  • Next to password, you will see eye icon, click on that to reveal your password. You will be asked your system password for verification purposes.

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