Online Passport Status Check – Dispatch & Delivery 2022

Every citizen must have a passport in order to travel to any country outside of India. India’s government is responsible for passport issuance. You must prepare in advance to provide the required documents, which must be sent along with the application form and applicable fees. Once your passport is created, you can travel to any nation that recognises Indian passports. A passport has a ten-year expiration date after which it must be renewed.

You should have your passport with you when leaving in such a case. If you have also applied for a passport, you may quickly check the status of your application online at You will need your passport file number and date of birth for this. The passport file number is a 15-digit number that is provided when the application is submitted.

Passport Status Check Online

To travel outside of India, every Indian citizen needs a passport. The procedure for obtaining an Indian passport is becoming simpler with time. People can now apply for passports online while at home, but they must pay costs and provide certain documentation. You can travel anywhere in the globe using Passport. however, a passport is good for ten years. You should obtain a Passport Status Check Online once before making travel plans since after that it must be renewed. At the same time, you can monitor the status of your online passport application by going to the Passport Seva Portal. We will walk you through the entire procedure in this article.

Passport Status Check via mPassport Seva app

The mPassport Seva app allows users to receive real-time updates on the status of their application, so they may check their passport status online. The mPassport Seva app is available for both iOS and Android users to download.
On the home page, there is an option to check appointment availability; select it. Select Passport Office next. Then click Check Appointment Availability after entering the captcha code.

How to Check Online Status at in 2022

To check the status of your passport using the mPassport Seva app, you must have a few crucial papers. You receive a 15-digit PFN to verify the status of your passport application after submitting it. To obtain a passport status check online, the date of birth must also be known. To check the status of your passport, follow the directions below.

  • You must first go to
  • After that, you must choose the Track Your Application Status tab.
  • The next step is to choose the type of passport from the drop-down option.
  • After that, you must input your date of birth and 15-digit PFN.
  • The Status Check Online 2022 page for Passport India will then display on your screen after you click Track Status.

How to Do an Offline Passport Status Check in 2022

SMS: Send the following SMS in the following format from your registered mobile number (found on your passport application form) to receive updates on the status of your application: Number of Status File: 9704100100

National Call Centre: The National Call Center is another place to acquire information about your passport. In addition to the National Call Center’s toll-free number of 1800-258-1800, the call centre has its own toll-free number.

Helpdesk: To get information on the status of your passport application, you can also contact the Government of India’s support desk by visiting the Passport Seva Kendra or sending an email.

How Do I Check The Dispatch And Delivery Status Of My Passport?

Many of you are interested in learning how to check the status of your passport online while at home. Today, we’ve provided a really simple method for checking passport status. You must all be aware that an Indian citizen’s passport serves as proof of citizenship. Every time a person travels by air, they require it, in addition to a number of other documents. For Indians, a passport is a reliable document that allows for very comfortable air travel.

You must first go to in order to verify your passport status online. If your passport has been sent, you will receive a 13-digit tracking number at The next step is to go to, where you may track your passport and find out when it will be delivered to your registered address by entering the 13-digit Speed Post tracking number.

  • You may find the “Track N Trace” option on the home page of the India Post website at
  • The 13-digit Consignment Number, also known as the Speed Post tracking number, must be entered here.
  • After that, enter the numbers from the image, and finally click “Track Now.”
  • The dispatch and delivery status will now be displayed on your device’s screen.
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