Obtain Free Characters in BGMI/PUBG (Free Character Vouchers) in 2023

I’ll show you how to get a free character in PUBG and BGMI without a UC in this video. I’ll be outlining the actual techniques for getting characters in BGMI. I, along with many other people, have gotten things for nothing by using this method.

One of the five characters in BGMI is free; the other four cost money. However, if you carefully follow the instructions in this post, you can get all five characters for nothing. Each character has unique skills that can be used to make games a little bit simpler for you.

In this tutorial, the characters that can be unlocked by playing regular matches will be unlocked using character vouchers. Get the character voucher first, then use characters to redeem it.

1. Login to the game > Click Events

2. New BGMI Voucher Events

3. In Recommended go to, Anna Joins The Battle!

4. Gain free character vouchers by completing the missions.

5. Gather a sufficient number of vouchers and keep them on hand.

Note: In any event, you can collect free character vouchers and use them to unlock characters. The current event is being held to celebrate the premiere of Anna Character.

Free Character Vouchers Event Video

How To Unlock Free Character In BGMI/PUBG?

1. Go to Inventory > Tap on Character Voucher > Use

2. Use the arrow to change character > Click Purchase

3. If you have enough Vouchers, you can unlock the selected character.

BGMI Character List

BGMI Character Price
Victor Free
Sara 600UC
Carlo 1200UC
Andy 1200UC
Anna 580UC

How To Get Victor Character In BGMI?

Victor is the sole character in BGMI that is available for free; all other characters have a cost. Victor may be obtained for free. Reloading time for SMGs is reduced by 4% because to Victor’s special ability, which can be improved by upgrading. Victor can slow down the rate at which his SMG reloads by 10% by leveling up to level 9. Free clothes, Legendary Conquest, Alloy Armor, and Scorching Armor will be given to players. Victor is simply unlocked for free if you visit the character section.

How To Get Sara Character In BGMI For Free?

The cost of the BGMI Sara Character is 600UC, or 600 Character vouchers can be obtained by taking part in activities. Players have a lot of opportunities to acquire free character coupons at events that BGMI sponsors. When completely upgraded, Sara’s special powers gave female characters a 10% increase in durability. This character is one of the most adored in both PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

Carlo Be Unlocked For Free In BGMI

Carlo is a fashionable figure with amazing clothes and a fashionable haircut. With 1200UC, the character Carlo can be unlocked. When completely upgraded to Level 9, Carlo’s special powers can decrease the fall damage by 24%. Due to its incredible skills, Carlo is somewhat expensive, but you can simply obtain him for nothing by using character coupons gathered from events.

Get Andy Character In BGMI For Free

Andy is a magician who has performed magic tricks in the past. When completely developed, Andy’s special powers can increase the speed of drawing and discharging a gun by 16%. Players can obtain Andy in BGMI for free by accumulating a sufficient number of character vouchers, as opposed to having to pay 1200UC. You don’t need to worry about it because this voucher is primarily found in the event area.

How Can Anna Be Unlocked For Free In BGMI?

Following the v1.7 update, Anna was just added to BGMI and PUBG Mobile, and an event is currently taking place in her launch. The game has not yet made clear this character’s particular talents. But I believe she can aid in our discovery of opponent locations inside a predetermined radius. She may be able to assist us in locating the opposition because her father was an investigator officer and she is now one as well. Anna is free to unlock with a character voucher.

This is how one unlocks and obtains a free character in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. By using this character voucher card, you can look for further events similar to this one as well as some of the free characters. Please let us know if you run into any problems in the comments section below.

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