Delete Your Instagram Call History To Follow These Steps

Did you unintentionally dial someone’s Instagram voicemail? They will be able to see that you have initiated a voice call with them if you accomplished this. Instagram gives you the option to erase messages you’ve sent on both sides. You can do this by touching on “Unsend” after tapping and holding a message. However, nothing will happen if you tap and hold the voice call bubble. Learn how to remove your Instagram call history and what happens if you inadvertently video call someone in this article. The messaging functionality needs to be upgraded in order for this guide to function.

How to remove call history from Instagram

You must open the chat and press on the information icon in order to delete your Instagram call history. You must turn on “Vanish mode” after tapping the info icon. Your call history will be erased from both sides if you enable disappear mode. Up until you turn off vanish mode, all of your chat history will be lost on both sides. The message “x turned on vanish mode” will be visible when the other person enters the conversation.

1. Open the chat and tap on the info icon

Go to the conversation where you wish to delete your call history in the first stage. Open the Instagram app on your phone and sign into your account first. Open your direct messages by tapping the arrow icon in the top-right area of Instagram. The conversation where you want to remove your call history must now be opened. Click the info button located in the top-right corner of the page.

2. Enable vanish mode

When you tap the information icon, the “Details” page will load. You will now see a few chat settings. “Theme” and “Vanish mode” are included in this. You can customize the chat’s background using the “Theme” option, and you can hide all messages—including voice chats—by using the “Vanish” mode.

You haven’t upgraded the messaging feature if you aren’t seeing these choices. You must go to your Instagram profile’s Menu > Settings > Update Messaging to accomplish this. Once the messaging feature has been updated, select “Vanish mode” to turn it on.

3. Your call history is now deleted from both sides

The call history on both ends will be erased after you enable disappear mode. Messages will also be concealed if vanish mode is on. The message “x turned on vanish mode” will be visible when the other person enters the conversation. No audio chats or messages will be visible to them. The messages and voice chat(s) will reappear if you turn off disappear mode. Therefore, you must make sure that vanish mode is always on.

Can you delete call history on Instagram?

Yes, you may remove your Instagram call history. By turning on disappear mode from the “Details” page, you can achieve this. Navigating to the chat and tapping on the info symbol will take you there. Tap “Vanish mode” after you’re on the “Details” screen to activate it. Enabling vanish mode will make all conversation history vanish. Voice calls and messages are included in this. If you wish to stop a voice call that you unintentionally started with someone, you can use vanish mode.

What occurs if you unintentionally call someone on Instagram via video?

They will be informed if you unintentionally video call someone on Instagram. The voice call bubbles will also show up in the conversation. A few voice call bubbles will appear. Both “Video call started” and “Video call ended” are included in this. These bubbles can be removed by turning on disappear mode from the “Details” page. But first, you must change the messaging function.


Even the best of us can unintentionally begin a voice call with someone on Instagram. The voice call bubbles will show up in the chat when a voice call is initiated with a person. Nothing will happen if you tap them while holding. This is due to the fact that Instagram does not yet offer a voice call deletion feature. The best approach to remove voice calls is to turn on vanish mode. Your voice calls and previous messages will be hidden when using vanish mode.

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