How to Locked your Photos and Videos Inside Google Photos App?

If you are an android user, then you must have Google Photos in your device. If you have some sensitive photos in your Google account that you don’t want anyone can see it, then you can lock these photos in a folder inside the Google Photos. Go through this article and know how you can hide your sensitive photos and videos in Google Photo’s Locked Folder.

May be you have pictures with sensitive information on them or you just fed up with just some photos and videos or may be there are some photos about your past life and you don’t need really to see them again, then their is an option in Google photos is called Locked Folder. You can hide sensitive photos and videos to a folder protected by your device screen lock in the Google Photos app. Photos and videos inside this Locked Folder won’t be appear either in the photo grids, memories, search or album. They also won’t be available on any other app on your device.

How to Locked your Pictures in Google Photos?

  • Open your Google Photos App.
  • Select the photo or photos that you want to hide.
  • Hold the picture and at the bottom swipe along the option and you will see “Move to Locked Folder” option.
  • Or you can select the photo, tap to open it and at the top right corner of the photo, click on three dot menu, and you will see the sliding options, select the “Move to Locked Folder” option.
  • If you first time using the locked folder, then the Google Photos will show you the prompts to set up the Locked Folder.
  • Click on the Set up option below, then, open with your screen lock.
  • Then, a warning message will appear with “Locked folder back up is off”.

If you haven’t got back up turned on in the Google Photos app, then you can loose the locked photos they already exists in your phone. Your photos may be gone if you factory reset your device, or clear app data, loose your device or if you delete the Google Photos app.

  • Accept the warning by clicking on Continue.
  • Confirm your decision by clicking on Move and your selected photos and videos will be move to hidden Locked Folder.
  • Then, allow the permission to your phone by clicking on Allow.
  • If you come back to the photos, you will see the photos you have selected has gone and move to the locked folder.

How to Find Locked Folder in Google Photos?

  • Open your Google Photos app and in the bottom you will see the option Library, click on that.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and you will see the option “Utilities” click on that.
  • Open Utilities, scroll down and you will see Lock Folder option.
  • Click on Locked Folder and unlock with your device lock and you will find all your locked photos you have selected move to this folder.

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