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You don’t want to take obnoxious calls from strangers, or you just don’t like picking up the phone. All distractions will be blocked for you by Calls Blacklist Apk. This programme offers users a variety of tools to block calls and messages in the most effective ways when using it, making it appropriate for those who desire quiet or busy without being bothered by unimportant calls and messages. You won’t waste time on bothersome people anymore.

Easy To Use And Fast Defence Against Complex

Vlad Lee’s product, Calls Blacklist Apk, enables customers to rapidly block calls and texts. You go to the Blacklist section after running the application to compile a list of phone numbers you don’t wish to call. You can add phone numbers by clicking the “+” symbol in the centre of the screen; the programme will assist you easily locate phone numbers in your call history, contacts, or messages.

Or you can manually enter the phone number; using the Begins with section, you can even block a string of numbers all beginning with the same prefix. You enter the number and then choose to add it to the denylist. In the options section, you may additionally customise each set’s specifics. Select All Calls to block all calls if you are extremely busy and do not want to receive any calls. Additionally, weird numbers are not retained in your list; instead, use the Unknown Number area to help users avoid having to receive calls from unknown callers.

Preventing Confidentiality Of Unwanted Calls And Messages

When Calls Blacklist Apk is installed on your smartphone, scam calls and unauthorised charges no longer occur when you pick up the phone. However, the application will automatically refuse an incoming call if the caller to you is unaware that you have blocked them. They will nevertheless be informed that the subscriber is occupied. When you decline a call, the application enables you to avoid hurting the other person’s feelings and block the bothersome party.

Additionally, you don’t need to be concerned about calls showing up on the screen because callers from the numbers on the blocklist will be silently denied access. Consequently, you won’t receive any obtrusive calls. The application retains all of the details and content of blocked calls and texts for your convenience.

Save Your Time

Users get access to logs and blocked text message calls and texts. You will be given access to all information, including the day and time that calls and texts were banned. This makes it simple to save blocked numbers so that you can use them by holding the denylist on another device. An programme called Calls Blacklist Apk blocks calls from numbers on your blacklist without the need for a ringtone or other sound right away.

You will only see one tiny icon, and it will vanish without causing you any pain. Additionally, you can add the phone numbers of family members or close friends to a Safelist so that you can promptly accept their calls. Your favourite users can be added to a whitelist, which is a list of phone numbers that should never be prohibited. You may also choose Delete all to entirely remove the blocked numbers when you have time to listen to all calls.

Specific, Precision, And Small Application Ordering

You can set yourself a specific timetable with timetable. Users can define a certain time to block calls and messages by setting the start and end times as well as the schedule according to the days of the week. When setting up passwords to boost security and utilising the application to restrict calls, you may do it with complete confidence. When you are the only one who can unlock the blocklist, many users will be happy with this.

Calls Blacklist Apk offers the smallest capacity despite having several features that are ideal for blocking out irritating calls and messages. The software is lightweight but robust, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space on your phone. Using this app won’t significantly deplete your battery.

Stop the calls, spam texts, or other bothersome things. Calls Blacklist Apk helps you save time and shield you from unsolicited calls. Users of this application can change the settings to make a useful blacklist. For rapid access to calm working periods, add phone numbers to the blacklist. a user-friendly programme with a variety of services to improve your quality of life.

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App Name Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker (Apk)
Updated Oct 4, 2022
Current Version Varies with device
Requires Android Varies with device
Offered By Vlad Lee

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