Android Phone Sensor Secret Trick And Sensor Hidden Feature

Today i will show you how to set up the feature: wave your hand to Lock/Unlock your screen without touching on any Android phone.

Lock/Unlock your screen without touching it! Make use of the proximity sensor! This app uses the Device Administrator permission. Take ultimate control over your android with this proximity app.

Main Features:- Lock (device locks and screen turns off when proximity sensor covered)

-Unlock (device lights up and screen turns on when proximity sensor covered)

-Pocket mode (Device locks when put in pocket and unlocks when taken out. This mode now also uses the accelerometer to check device position. Device locks when upside down at a specified angle and when sensor is uncovered. It unlocks when sensor is uncovered)

-Lock/Unlock (Device locks if screen is on and unlocks if screen is off)

Other Options:- Sensor Delay (set time delay before sensor detects object , useful to prevent unintentional locking/unlocking)

-Permanent Notification (disable permanent notification. can create problems below Jellybean)

-Auto On/Off (App will automatically start at desired time and stop at desired time)

-Autostart on boot (App will start when device is rebooted)

The app has been built with material design implementation. This proximity app has a clean interface with no confusing buttons. Increase the life span of your android’s power button by using this proximity app!

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