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This Website is THE ONLY DJ Site on the Google Play market that is completely free and ad-free! Hello, this is Erik, the YouDJ programmer. YouDJ has been my passion endeavour for the past ten years as an audio engineer! Because I don’t have a team or expenses, this DJ Site is completely free.

I learned that all of the popular DJ Site, including MWM Edjing, Algoriddim Djay, and Gismart DJit, are quite pricey and try to compel you to subscribe for a long period of time. Other DJ Site make the claim to be free, but they are simply knockoffs with plenty of adverts. I made YouDJ because I don’t play that way, and it’s free and ad-free. Once more, I work with passion.

So that even my mother can be a DJ, it is my objective to develop the most FUN and EASY DJ Site. YouDJ provides the essential, top-notch DJ tools but is not the most comprehensive DJ programme. Advanced DJs can still use it, but if you require more tools (MIDI controllers, etc.), use a professional DJ Site. But once more, it is excellent for a free software ;). 16 sound effects, an 80-sample sampler, vinyl scratching, auto beat synchronisation, keylock, loops, automix, and hotcues are all included as DJ tools.

All desktop and mobile platforms support YouDJ. You ought to at the very least give the computer version a shot (you.dj). I sincerely hope you enjoy the Site and are ready to lose a lot of time;) Give me a decent review if you want to thank me for all the effort I spent on this software without getting paid; it really helps!

How To Mix

Two turntables and a mixer make up a standard DJ setup. Your goal is to use the mixer to combine the two tracks that are playing simultaneously on each turntable. You can employ effects like loops, fx pads, eq, scratches, samplers, and hot cues to spruce up your mix.

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