The Process Of Applying A Driving License In India

A driving license in India is an official document that enables its holder to operate several kinds of motor vehicles on public roads, including highways. For many non-driving scenarios, such as identity verification (e.g., when opening a bank account) or age verification (e.g., when applying for a mobile connection), a current photocopy of the driver’s license can fulfill the functions of an identity card. In India, a driver must possess a valid driving license in order to operate a vehicle!

Learner’s licenses and permanent licenses are the two types of driving licenses that are issued in India. A learner’s permit is only good for six months. Only one month following the learner’s license’s issue date may one apply for a permanent license. A permanent driver’s license, however, is not immediately granted. For it, there is a different procedure.

In India, one must first obtain a learner’s license in order to drive any kind of motor vehicle. For learning, a learner’s license is granted. A month after receiving their learner’s license, the individual must appear for the test in front of an RTO official, who will determine whether or not they passed after conducting a thorough investigation.

Documents required for driving license

The documentation that must be presented must be accurate and legitimate in order to prevent delays in the application process. The lists of paperwork needed for a driver’s license are as follows:

  • Age Proof (any one of the below-given documents)
  • Birth Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • 10th Class mark sheet
  • Any school’s transfer certificate for any class that has your date of birth printed on it

Proof of address required for Driving License

Permanent proof of address (any one from the following):

  • Passport
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Self-owned house agreement
  • Electricity bill (issued in applicants name)
  • LIC bond
  • Voters ID Card
  • Ration card

Current Proof of address (any one from the following):

  • Rental agreement and electricity bill
  • Rental agreement and LPG bill

Other Requirements for Driving License

  • properly completed application (you can get the form online or pick it up at the closest RTO to obtain a driving license).
  • 6 passport sized photo (when applying for Learners license)
  • 1 passport sized photo (when applying for driving license)
  • Application fees: If you are staying in a different city, you can provide a copy of a recent utility bill—either an energy or gas bill—along with the rental agreement as confirmation of your current residence.
  • For all applicants over 40, a medical certificate is required. A government doctor who has been certified must issue Forms 1A and 1.

How to apply for Driving License online

It only takes a few basic steps to apply for a driving license online.

  • Visit the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways’ official Sarathi webpage. Choose “New Driving license” under “Sarathi Services” column.
  • All the information about it will be on a new webpage that you will be taken to. Go through the guidelines. Fill out the form completely after downloading it.

Eligibility Criteria for Driving Licence

The following are the requirements for eligibility to obtain a driver’s license that match the various kinds of vehicles:

Types of Vehicles allowed


Vehicles without gears with engine capacity up to 50cc

  • 16 years of age and parental consent

Vehicles with gears

  • 18 years of age
  • The laws and regulations governing driving must be understood.

Commercial vehicles

  • 20 years of age (18 years of age in some states)
  • ought to have finished schooling up to the eighth grade.
  • Training should come from a government-run or government-affiliated facility.

Process to fill the DL application form online

The following is how to complete an online application for a driver’s license or learner’s permit:

  • Go to the Sarathi website and get the application for a driver’s license.
  • After completing the form in accordance with the on-screen directions, click “Submit.”
  • For minor applicants, the form must be printed off, and at the closest RTO, Part D must be completed and signed by the parent or guardian.
  • Upload the necessary paperwork (proof of age, proof of address, and learner’s license number) to be sent with the application.
  • Following submission, a Web Application Number will be generated that may be used to monitor the application’s progress.
  • An SMS notification will be sent as soon as the application is processed.

How to apply for a DL in RTO or offline in India

In India, the process of applying for a driver’s license is quite easy. The instructions below will walk you through the process of applying offline for a driving license.

  • Form 4, the application form for a motor vehicle driving license in India, must be obtained by the applicant. The state transportation website has the form available for download. As an alternative, the client can pick up Form 4 by going to the closest RTO.
  • Fill out the application form completely, then bring it to the RTO in the jurisdiction where you live along with additional documentation such as proof of address and proof of age. Additionally, make an appointment for a driving license test at the RTO and pay the test fee.
  • Show up in person at the driving license testing location on the designated day and hour. Your driver’s license will be issued to you immediately upon passing the exam or forwarded to the address you registered with.
  • In addition, a driving school that offers driving instruction will assist you in obtaining a driver’s license.

The applicant can electronically submit the completed form by selecting the “Submit” button located at the bottom of the form. An automatically created Web Application Number will show up on the screen after the form has been submitted. Make a note of the number so you can refer to it later to see if the application is still pending.

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