Users Can Earn Money By Completing Simple Tasks On Their Phone In Testing In India. Google Task Mate

Google Tasks Mate is being tested in India and by doing simple tasks on their smartphones, will allow users to earn money. Task Mate offers access to a number of tasks posted by organisations from all over the world. These include items such as clicking on a restaurant picture, answering questions from the survey about personal preferences, or helping to translate phrases from English to other languages. The app is currently in beta and via a referral code scheme, is limited to chosen testers.

For the assignments that they complete, users will be charged in local currency. A Reddit user was spotted checking the Task Mate, as reported by 9to5Google. Although the app is available for download on Google Play, unless you have a referral code that is only available via invite, you can’t use it.

As written in the app description on Google Play, there are basically three steps to using Task Mate: locate nearby tasks, complete a task to begin earning, and cash out your earnings. Tasks are known as sitting tasks or field tasks, but Google often seems to be able to specifically query for a job. The number of tasks completed, correctly executed, your level, and the tasks under review can be seen on the app.

The app will show you the estimated time it will take you to get there if you need to go anywhere in the vicinity for the assignment. Although the screenshots just appear to reflect the price in dollars as of now, you can still see how much a job is worth. It is claimed that tasks such as taking photos of shop fronts would help Google enhance mapping services and put business online in the city. You may opt to miss it if you’re not involved in a job or are unable to do it.

You’ll have to connect an account with a third-party processor for payment purposes. You can register your e-wallet or account information with the payment partner in the Task Mate app, visit your profile page and click on cash out when you’re ready to cash out the money earned from tasks. After this, as per the app overview, you’ll be able to withdraw the money in your local currency. It is not clear for more users to try out when Task Mate will be available.


  • The Task Mate from Google will allow users to locate nearby tasks
  • Activities are categorised as Sitting or Field Tasks on the app
  • Currently, the application is in beta and limited to testers

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