The Best Way To Make A 3D Camera Scan Model

A 3D model of an object is created using the 3D camera scanning technique by taking a number of pictures of the object from various perspectives. A comprehensive 3D depiction of the thing is subsequently created by software stitching together the pictures. 3D camera scanning can be used to build models of objects for a variety of purposes, such as 3D printing, virtual reality, and augmented reality. It is possible to make 3D models using a number of cameras, and it is a relatively affordable and accessible method. We’ll go over the fundamentals of 3D camera scanning and how to make a 3D camera scan model in this article. We’ll also offer some advice on how to achieve the greatest outcomes.

What You Will Need

You will need the following to produce a 3D camera scan model:

  • A DSLR or mirrorless camera will yield the greatest results, but any camera can be used for 3D camera scanning.
  • A tripod is necessary for maintaining camera stability when shooting pictures.
  • Turntable: While not necessary, a turntable might be useful for capturing images of the object from all sides.
  • Software for photogrammetry will be used to combine the photographs and build the 3D model.

Preparing the Object

You must get the subject ready before you begin taking pictures of it. This entails polishing the item and taking out any reflective elements. To make the item easier to scan, you may also spray paint it with a matte finish.

Taking the Photos

Once the item is ready, you may begin snapping pictures. The size and complexity of the object will determine how many images you need to shoot. It’s a good idea to capture at least 50 pictures from every perspective. Make sure the object is in the same location in each photo and that the camera is level when shooting the pictures. Additionally, avoid snapping shots in direct sunlight because glare can result.

Stitching the Photos Together

After taking the photographs, you must use photogrammetry software to stitch them together. There are numerous software options for photogrammetry, including Agisoft Metashape, Meshroom, and Reality Capture. The photographs will be stitched together using the overlapping characteristics in the photos by the photogrammetry program. Depending on the quantity of images and the complexity of the object, this process may take some time.

Cleaning Up the Model

You might need to clean up the 3D model after it has been made. This can entail cleaning up the model of any noise, artifacts, and undesired features. To do this, you can use a 3D modeling application or photogrammetry software.

Exporting the Model

After the model has been cleaned up, you can export it in a format that other software applications can read. STL is the most popular format for 3D models.


A wonderful approach to make 3D models of objects is through 3D camera scanning. It is a somewhat accessible and accessible method that may be carried out using a number of cameras. The fundamentals of 3D camera scanning and how to generate a 3D camera scan model have been covered in this article. We have also offered some advice on how to achieve the best outcomes. There are many internet resources accessible if you want to learn more about 3D camera scanning. Numerous tutorials are also available on YouTube.

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