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Anyone who wants to store and carry information with them should use USB flash drives. Flash drives, on the other hand, are tiny and simple to misplace, increasing the danger that someone else could access your data. You ought to think about securing your external gadgets if you don’t want to end up in that circumstance. A clever and user-friendly programme called USB Lockit guards against data leakage in the event that a device is stolen or lost.

Make sure your flash drive is formatted as FAT32 for security, then all you have to do is copy the executable to the USB’s root. Don’t make a folder for it or conceal it inside of any directory to ensure utmost security. An interface with a crimson theme will appear when you launch the app. The red hue indicates that the drive is currently not protected, and you must enter a combination of up to six numbers to lock and unlock it.

Changes the drive’s description to LOCKED

The drive switches to the LOCKED state after a combination is entered. The File Explorer, which shows the actual drives, can be used to verify this. Additionally, you can see that nothing is shown on the disc other than the executable for the app when the lockdown is active and you access the drive. You must restart the app in order to unlock the drive. The interface will be green this time, and after you enter the same password that you used to lock it, full access is restored.

Compatibility with Android

Your Android device can be utilised with USB Lockit. In other words, you can use the programme on both a computer and a smartphone. Furthermore, the cross-platform procedure can be used without administrative permissions or a phone that has been root access. As a side note, the executable remained unresponsive with some Windows 10 versions until the compatibility troubleshooter was used. Run the troubleshooter, check out the modified settings, and save them for later use if you experience this problem.

Quick And Effective Flash Drive Protection

In conclusion, USB Lockit is a useful tool that enables you to protect your external storage devices by password-protecting their contents. As was already said, in order to preserve your data, the discs must be formatted as FAT32. The problem has been isolated, is not critical, and can be fixed by using the advice in the previous sentence.

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App Name USB Lockit – Pendrive Password (Apk)
Updated Oct 17, 2022
Current Version 3.7
Requires Android 8.1 and up
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