The Launch Date For The Jiophone Next Has Been Announced, And Facebook Has A New Name. Apple’s Sales In India Have Doubled, And There’s More Top Tech News This Week.

This has been an exciting week in the world of technology news, with Reliance Jio launching one of India’s most affordable plans and Apple doubling its business in the country. Not to mention that, after a slew of issues, Facebook changed its name to Meta, and one of its social media platforms, Instagram, now allows all users to share links in their stories. Also, due to Google, switching WhatsApp talks from iPhone to Android is becoming easier. This week’s top tech news includes all of this and more.

1. The Launch Date For Jiophone Next Has Been Confirmed, And It Will Be Available Starting With Diwali.

The JioPhone Next will be available for purchase starting November 4th, Diwali, according to Reliance Jio and Google. Due to a global chip scarcity, the Reliance JioPhone Next was delayed, but purchasers will be able to get their hands on it in the coming days. Users would have to pay a one-time fee of Rs 1,999 and the remainder will be spread out over 18/24 months via simple EMI. Alternatively, the consumer can pay Rs 6,499 in advance to purchase the phone. According to the corporation, it is launching a “unique financing option” that will make it more accessible to a broader range of customers. JioPhone Next will be sold through Reliance Retail’s JioMart Digital retail locations around the country.

2. Facebook Gets A New Name

Facebook isn’t what it used to be. It’s been given a new name: Meta. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, made the announcement during the company’s Connect event. Meta is the new name for the company. The redesign comes as Facebook faces criticism from lawmakers and authorities over its market power, algorithmic judgments, and monitoring of abuses on its platforms.

3. According To Apple CEO Tim Cook, Business In India Has Doubled.

Apple, situated in Cupertino, has released its quarterly statistics, which include some amazing figures. Apple CEO Tim Cook said on a conference call with investors that emerging markets have played a big part in the company’s success. “We earned approximately one-third of our sales from emerging areas in fiscal 2021,” Cook added. He also claimed that Apple’s business in India had “doubled.” This is the second quarter in a row that Apple has established a new record in India. Apple reported that in the quarter ending in June, it experienced double-digit growth in India, setting new records.

4. Google Has Made It Easier To Transfer WhatsApp Conversations From iPhone To Android.

For a number of reasons, many people prefer to keep their WhatsApp conversations. Moving WhatsApp chats is a top priority whenever you switch phones. However, there isn’t much you can do if you switch from iPhone to Android. Except if you owned a Samsung phone, which was also released recently. Google, on the other hand, appears to have a way for transferring WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android. The software giant stated in a blog post that it collaborated closely with WhatsApp’s team “to construct a new set of features, all geared to make it easier to migrate from iPhone to Android and take your WhatsApp history with you.”

5. In India, Snapchat Has Passed The 100 Million User Threshold.

Snapchat, the photo-messaging app, announced on Wednesday that its monthly user base in India had surpassed 100 million, and that the business will continue to focus its efforts on growing and offering more resources to its Indian creator community. The second edition of ‘Snap in India’ was digitally hosted by Snap Inc, the parent company of Snapchat. Snap co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel announced the achievement of 100 million monthly Snapchatters in India at the occasion.

6. All Instagram Users Can Now Share Links In Their Stories.

All Instagram profiles will now be able to add links to their Stories. Previously, the feature was only available to verified accounts and those with a certain number of followers. According to a business announcement, the tool is now available to all users, regardless of account type or follows. The link sharing function, according to the company’s official blog post, can aid communities with everything from organising and teaching around fairness, social justice, and mental well-being to presenting new product drops to customers. According to the corporation, link sharing can be beneficial in a variety of ways, which is why it is being made available to all users.

7. Hp Has Introduced New Smart Tank Printers That Start At Rs 20,049.

In India, HP has introduced a new line of ink tank printers. HP has released the HP Smart Tank 700 series, which allows users to print on both sides of the page. The HP Smart Tank 720, HP Smart Tank 750, and HP Smart Tank 790 wireless printers are part of the series. For work from home needs, the new printers have security features like secure boot, write protected memory, and a pre-set password. The HP Smart Tank 720 printer costs Rs 20,049. The HP Smart Tank 750 and 790 wireless are available for Rs 22,480 and Rs 24,910, respectively. The new printers are available for purchase through HP’s online shop and retail locations across the country.

8. Nikon Has Released The Nikon Z9 Full-frame Mirrorless Camera.

Nikon’s new full-frame mirrorless camera Z9 is now available in India for Rs 4,75,995. Dual-Stream technology with a 45.7 megapixel stacked CMOS sensor, according to the firm, offers 12 times faster still picture reading while also processing display images for EVF/monitor and still image data for recording separately. It comes with a 3.2-inch touch screen picture monitor with four-axis vertical and horizontal tilting. In-camera video recording is available in 8K30p and 4K/30p/60p/120p on the Z9. The camera is said to be engineered to efficiently disperse heat, allowing users to record in 8K30p for up to 125 minutes, according to the manufacturer. Users can also record in 4K with a variety of frame sizes and frame rates ranging from 24p to 120p in numerous formats.

9. The Kent Zoom Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Has Been Released At A Price Of Rs 9,950.

Kent has released the Zoom vacuum cleaner, which costs Rs 9,950. The product is accessible in the market as well as on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. The main selling point of this device, according to the manufacturer, is that it is cordless, hoseless, and rechargeable, giving it greater mobility. It can be used to clean the house as well as the car. A lithium-ion battery is included with the vacuum cleaner. It is supposed to have a runtime of up to 40 minutes if completely charged. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight and portable because it is not equipped with a bag. It captures dust in a chamber and does not require the use of disposable dust bags.

10. Qualcomm Has Announced Four New Snapdragon Chipsets For Phones In The Mid-range And Entry-level Segments.

Qualcomm, a chipmaker based in the United States, has announced four new additions to its Snapdragon 7, 6, and 4 series. Two of the newly revealed chipsets are new chipsets, while the other two are Plus versions of existing chips. Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G+ 5G, 695 5G, 480+ 5G, and 680 4G are the new chipsets. The emphasis is on 5G connectivity, albeit there is a new 4G-only option, and three of the four processors feature a 6 nm node. Qualcomm believes that this improvement will boost incoming mid-range smartphones in particular, and that its new chips would help expedite 5G phone adoption, particularly in emerging markets.

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