Share Another Prohibited Instagram Account – Who Has Unfollowed You On Instagram?

Share other prohibited Instagram users is now under discussion. Some people think that knowing who has blocked them on Instagram can be helpful. But despite their searching, they are unable to locate it. Have you experienced this as well? Want to use this feature as well? If so, this article has you covered since I’m going to give you some information about “share other blocked Instagram – Who blocked you on Instagram?” here. In addition to this, I’ll share with you a few strategies to find out who has blocked you.

What Is Share Other Blocked On Instagram?

The majority of folks think it’s an Instagram function. About this feature, several creators have posted and uploaded stories. They claim that you can locate it by doing the following:

Share > other > blocked.

But Instagram hasn’t formally announced anything regarding this choice. People have claimed that there is no such feature, according to comments on those creators’ posts.
Even on Instagram, I looked for it, but I couldn’t find it.

Can You See Who Blocked You On Instagram? Share Other Blocked Does It Exist?

No, even with the “share other blocked” feature, you cannot see who has blocked you on Instagram. Although I searched the entire program, I couldn’t find the rumored feature. Additionally, Instagram has not given any public notice of its rollout. As a result, you might assume that it doesn’t yet exist. Additionally, you can use the deceptive advice stated in the following portion of the article to find out who blocked you. Before that, though, allow me to inform you that there is no easy way to learn this.

Some Additional Methods For Discovering Instagram Blockers

All of us who use social media platforms want to know whether you have blocked us. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward way to achieve this. However, you are in luck since there are a few techniques that might be quite useful in identifying the person who blocked you. Here is a thorough discussion of them:

1. Search for their account

Do you still have a memory of who you believe blocked you and their username? If so, your initial course of action should be to look for them.

1. Select the search tab.

After entering their username, click the search icon.

If the platform displays the message “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” you can assume that they may have blocked you. Even if this notice never says you’ve been blocked. Additionally, the user’s account has been deactivated. You cannot be certain that you are blocked by using this strategy. Simply make a guess and confirm it by using the following techniques.

2. Check your messages with that user

Even if users cancel their accounts, Instagram doesn’t remove any chats. Go to their chats if you’ve ever talked to them on Instagram. From there, view their profile. If it states “user not found,” they may have barred you.

3. Ask a friend

It is one of the best ways to determine if someone has blocked you or canceled their account. You can ask any friends you share to see if they can locate the user’s account. You can also try searching for their account from another Instagram account even if you don’t share any friends in common. If they haven’t deleted it, their profile will be visible whether they have a private or public account. And if it does, you can assume you’ve been blocked.


I can see that you might want to find out if someone has blocked you on Instagram. However, as there is no share others blocked capability, you cannot use it to find out who has blocked you. However, there are some deceptive techniques that can aid you in doing so. You can adhere to them.

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