SBI Net Banking: Now Customers Can Check Bank Account Balance, See Passbook Without YONO Login; Here’s How

SBI Net Banking: A new feature on the SBI YONO app has been launched by the State Bank of India which will allow bank customers to access passbook information without the SBI YONO login, such as bank account balance, transactions and more. In fact, even without logging into the SBI YONO app, SBI net banking users would be able to conduct banking transactions.

“The State Bank of India announced via a tweet about the new feature being added to the YONO app and said,” Now check the balance of your account, view the passbook and make transactions without logging into the app. Quick Bank with YONO SBI!

In the tweet, SBI also provided a YouTube connexion that describes the effect of the launch of this new feature on the YONO SBI App. It says in that video, “Users can transact up to Rs 2,000 without logging into the SBI YONO app by clicking on ‘YONO Fast Pay’.” Authentication for this facility would have to be done by one of the MPIN / Biometric Authentication / Face ID / User ID and Password.

Here are the improvements to SBI’s YONO app since the launch of the new feature:

  • With the login option on the SBI YONO app, there will now be a view balance and rapid pay option; and.
  • To use this facility, a 6-digit MPIN or biometric authentication / face ID or user ID and password are needed.

Step-by – Step Balance Check Guide, M-passbook Without YONO SBILogin:

  • Use MPIN, password and ID or biometric login;
  • To check the account balance in the YONO SBI app without logging in, click the ‘Display Balance’ link.
  • Pick MPIN or User ID and Password or Face ID or Biometric Authentication;
  • It will authenticate your SBI bank account linked to the YONO SBI app;
  • Then go to the option ‘Display Transaction’ and click and check the balance of your account there; and
  • The SBI client can now set the limit of their transactions with the aid of the YONO App’OTP management feature ‘.

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