Guide To Open SBI Savings Account For Minors Step To Step

The holders of such accounts shall not adhere to MAB rules which otherwise extend to their daily savings accounts. The MAB rules apply to the banking system.

New Delhi: With the costs of life and schooling rising, parents must prepare their budgets in advance to make sure the best education and services are available for their child. New Delhi: It’s a safe idea to raise funds for the kid to open a savings account on a minor’s behalf. Two forms of savings accounts for minors are provided by State Bank of India (SBI) – “The Kadam Pehli and Udaan Pehli.

These account holders are not required to adhere to MAB laws, which are otherwise valid on their daily savings accounts, in the Bank’s Monthly Average Balance Regulation. The accounts help children not only understand how vital it is to save their money early on, but also to test the “complete power” of their money. Both of these accounts are full; full of Banking functions such as SBI net banking, mobile banking, and so on. The characteristic is all ‘per day to ensure that they are wisely investing the capital.

Steps to open a minor account with SBI savings

Step 1: Find out the website of SBI ( Tap on the ‘accounts’ tab and pick “Saving Accounts for Minors” Under “Personal Banking”

Step 2: Press the “Apply Now” button and the pop up shows digital savings plan features. Close the hotline

Step 3: A new tab will be launching which is the SBI YONO website.

Step 4: Now click on Submit and complete the information needed. To complete the process, a single SBI branch visit is required.


Pehla Kadam: every generation smaller. This account shall be opened along with the parent/guardian.
Pehli Udaan: Minors older than ten years who are eligible to sign evenly. This account is opened under the minor’s sole name.

Operational Mode

Pehla Kadam: Parent/ Keeper’s joint with a Keeper(s) Parent/Keepe or Singly.
Pehli Udaan:Singly operated.

Account salient characteristics:

  • Not applicable Monthly Average Balance (MAB).
  • Maximum Balance – Rs 10 lakh

Cheque book

Pehla Kadam

  • There are check books.
  • Where Mobile No. lIt is registered with the account hoder.
  • Small (10-tether cheque leaf) Personalized chequebooks shall have been given to guardianship of Minor under guardianship.

Pehli Udaan

  • There are check books.
  • Where Mobile No Where Mobile No. It is registered with the account holder. If the minor can sign in uniform, a personalised chequebook (with ten check sheets) will be written.

Photo ATM-cum-Debit Card

Pehla Kadam:

  • ATM-cum-Debit card with Rs 5,000 cap of withdrawal/POS is printed in the Child’s picture.
  • In the name of the minor and Guardian, the card will be released.

Udaan Pehli: The photographic imbuing of ATM-cum-Debit will be issued on behalf of the minor with the withdrawal/POS limit of Rs 5000.

Mobile Banking


  • Pehla Kadam: Top-ups, with access rights and restricted transaction rights such as bill payment. Cap of Rs 2000 per day transaction
  • Pehli Udaan: with usage privileges and purchases restricted to the right – fees for billing, top-ups, IMPS. Auto sweeping system with a minimum Rs 20,000 threshold. Sweep in some Rs 1,000 with a minimum of Rs 10,000

Over Draft for Parents/Guardians:

Pehla Kadam: Overdraft for parent/custodian Fixed deposits subject to other conditions.

Pehli Udaan: This product has no overdraft facility
An choice to set up a standing deposit instruction without charge.

Insurance protection for personal injuries provided for parents by SBI General (in case of Pehla Kadam account only). Smart Scholar (Linked Market – Child’s plan offered by SBI Life to fulfil the child’s dreams with optimised premium waiver value and loyalty additions.

Internet Banking:

Pehla Kadam:

  • With the rights of inquiry and restricted transactions, such as – Payment of the receipt, Opening of e-Term Deposit (e-TDR)/ e-special deposit (e-STDR), Inter-banking funds transfer (NEFT only and draught application for a request.
  • Limit Rs 5000 per day of transaction
  • Pehli Udaan:

  • With the privileges of inquiry, e-Term Deposit (e-TDR)/ e-Special Term Deposit (e-STDR)/ e-Recurrent Deposit (e-SDR), Inter-Bank funds transfer (NEP) and draught of the Request for Issues. With the following enquiries and restriction transactions.
  • Cap of Rs 5000 per transaction day.
  • Other Features:

    • Interest rate for the savings bank A/c on a regular balance.
    • Account move to any branch of SBI without changing the account number.
    • The facility for appointments is open and advisable.
    • Free Passbook particularly built branded.
    • For moves, Inter Core charges Zero.

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