National Video Game Day of History and How to Celebrate

The video game has established itself in culture over the past 50 years and even served as the foundation for the development of a virtual subculture. Some people may get a strong sense of nostalgia when they play video games, while others may experience an exhilarating sense of adventure. National Video Game Day offers a chance for anybody and everyone who enjoys video games to celebrate this day, whether looking to the past or the future!

History of National Video Game Day

Tennis for Two, a ping-pong-like game, was invented in 1958. The William Higinbotham-made game made its debut on a sizable analog computer at the New York-based Brookhaven National Laboratory. By the 1970s, new technologies including joysticks and multi-cartridge games were available on the Odyssey and Atari home video game consoles. Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, and SimCity are just a few of the intriguing video games that came out in the 1980s. The majority of these titles are still popular franchises today.

While there was a slight downturn in the popularity of video games in the middle of the 1980s, and some home computer and video game console firms even filed for bankruptcy at that time, the industry would eventually come back stronger than ever. By placing restrictions on third-party games, the Nintendo Entertainment System, developed by a nearly 100-year-old Japanese video game corporation, stopped the production of cheap, subpar games. The integrity of the video game business was restored as a result.

1989, a short time later, saw the release of Nintendo’s portable gadgets. The video game business was transformed by the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo 3DS well into the early 2000s. The first Video Game Day occurred in the early 1990s. A man by the name of David Earle, who served as the president of Kid Vid Warriors in the early 1990s, may have funded the first commemorative event, which appears to have taken place in 1991.

Another plausible theory is that a staff member of the Video Game History Foundation may have been responsible for the creation of National Video Game Day. This non-profit organization has made it its mission to preserve, celebrate, and educate people about the fascinating history of video games. Whatever its actual origins, National Video Game Day has undoubtedly found its way into the hearts and lives of video game enthusiasts everywhere!

National Video Game Day: How to Celebrate

It can be a lot of fun to get into the National Video Game Day spirit! It’s simple to think of enjoyable celebration ideas, such as these:

Enjoy Playing Some Video Games

Those who have gaming consoles at home might participate in a multiplayer game like Call of Duty or Animal Crossing. However, other individuals could be a little retro and feel more at ease playing a puzzle game like Tetris or Pac-Man. This is the perfect time to play video games guilt-free, whether you choose to play one of the newest, most popular games online or pull out your old Gameboy edition of Pokemon.

Throw a National Video Game Day Party

Begin compiling a guest list of acquaintances, relatives, or coworkers who enjoy playing video games and would enjoy a meeting of other gamers. Encourage visitors to dress like their preferred video game characters, such as the Mario Brothers or SimCity residents. Serve cuisine that is inspired by video games, such as Pac-Man cookies, a Minecraft cake, or a veggie tray shaped like a Pokeball.

Naturally, the evening’s entertainment would consist of connecting a few different game systems and allowing guests to take turns playing. Even better, they may bring their own collection of vintage handheld video games to play with other visitors. It may be entertaining to include a challenge bracket so the victor has bragging rights at the conclusion of the party, depending on how organized you want to be.

Watch Video-Game Inspired Music Videos

Video games can also be a significant passion for musicians and band members! Some of them are so motivated that they have created video game-inspired music videos for their tunes.
Check out these music videos that were influenced by some of your favorite video games on National Video Game Day:

  • Move Your Feet by Junior Senior (2002). The Danish pop rock band made this tiny homage to pixelated video games.
  • Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers (2000). This music video, which was nominated for video of the year at the MTV VMAs, shows the band members’ avatars as they play their way through the song.
  • Frontline by Kelea (2018). This R&B artist releases a video that was influenced by The Sims while maintaining an intimate, private vibe.
  • Careless Whisper by Seether (2007). The group transforms this George Michael classic into an alt-metal song with a video game motif.

Hold a National Video Game Day Competition

Host a video game playing competition, whether you do it with family or your coworkers after work. This might be carried out at home using a large-screen TV and a gaming system or in a nearby arcade using the vintage video games. The possibilities are endless in terms of inventiveness and favorite games!

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