How to Deactivate or Remove Your Account on Threads?

Threads, an Instagram-compatible Twitter competitor, is now available and is very easy to start up and use. The Threads app is undoubtedly an improvement in terms of user interface, but for a variety of reasons, you might not like it. So, if you created a Threads account and decide that you no longer want to use it, here is how to delete your account (or temporarily disable it).

Delete Threads Account

Because once you’re on Threads, the only way to cancel your account is by also deleting your Instagram account, removing a Threads account is incredibly complicated. Here’s how you deactivate your Threads account if you’re prepared to take such drastic measures.

Note: Remember that this step will destroy your Instagram account, as was previously mentioned. Before moving further, be very certain that you want to delete your Threads and Instagram accounts.

  • Tap on the symbol for your profile in the Threads app’s bottom navigation bar. Tap the hamburger menu now.

  • Tap ‘Account’ and then ‘Other account settings’.

  • Press the “See more in Accounts Center” button. Select “Personal Details” from the menu on the screen that appears.

  • Tap “Account ownership and control” after that, followed by “Deactivation or deletion.”

  • Choose the Instagram profile that is linked to your Threads account. Select “Delete account” and then press “Continue.”

  • Select a justification for account deletion, then tap “Continue” once again. Enter your password after that, then tap “Continue.”

  • By choosing “Delete account,” you may finally confirm your wish to delete your account.

Now, in 30 days, your account will be deactivated. Your Threads account will also be permanently deleted by Meta after the procedure is finished.

Deactivate Threads Account

You might want to consider deactivating your Threads account instead of deleting it because doing so necessitates also deleting your Instagram account. Your linked Instagram account is unaffected by deactivating your Threads account, so you can use Instagram as usual. However, you can also deactivate your Instagram account if you so choose. Here’s how to make your Threads account inactive.

  • Tap on the symbol for your profile in the bottom navigation bar of the Threads app. Click the hamburger menu now.

  • Tap ‘Account’ and then ‘Deactivate profile’ to access your account.

  • To finish, just click “Deactivate Threads profile” on the following screen.

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