Make Android Apps In 5 Minutes That Earn You Money

A huge potential for earning money is present in the development of the Android mobile application. Keep this thing in mind, however, that not every app that is on the Play Store earns money. There are almost 3 million applications available on Google Play, according to statistics. There is an immense rivalry over the Play store between various apps. To be competitive and receive revenue from the Play store, an application is needed to contain a genius idea and must have a large number of target audiences. The apps not only gain money through the Play Store by using proper tactics but also reduce the expense of maintaining and improving the application.

How To Earn Money From Google Play Store By Making An Android Application:

Have you ever wondered why cell phone apps are used by people? The simple response to this question is that there are a lot of conveniences for mobile phone apps and this is the sole reason why people use mobile phone apps. It is fast, effective, and visually captivating for individuals who use Android apps. It is important to learn about the forms in which payments are usually made in the Play Store in order to learn how to earn application revenue.

How Do Google Play Store Payments Work?

In the Google Play Store, the payment method operates in the following ways.

  • The amount of money the application makes will be credited to the account within a span of 30 days in the case of paid Android applications.
  • The Google Play Store’s payment system is based on a 70:30 payment ratio. This suggests that 70 percent of the money goes to the application owner for the money the application makes and 30 percent of the money is owned by the Google Play Store.

Android’s worldwide income is almost 71.3 billion dollars in the year 2019, according to estimates. Google Play Store’s sales growth grew by 27.3 percent between the years 2017 and 2018. In the case of the Google Play Store, the percentage increase in application downloads was found to be 13 percent.

By Publishing Android Applications, How Much Money Can You Make?

One of the important considerations in earning an application is the correct choice of the platform on which you want the application to be created. One of the most impressive outlets for the publishing and distribution of Android applications is the Google Play store. It provides developers with several advantages, including numerous methods for evaluating the application’s growth and success through the Play Store. Some statistics claim that developers of Android typically earn around $5000 through the play store with their apps.

8 Ways To Raise Money On Google Play From Android Applications

For Android applications to make money, a range of different techniques are present. In order to get full sales, these various techniques are integrated into the Android program. Check out and add these techniques to your application. To earn money, you can use one strategy or multiple strategies at the same time in your Android application. The following are the specifics of these strategies:

  • 1. Using In-App purchasing

The bulk of Google Play Store gaming apps require the use of in-app purchases. In-app purchases are a very strong tool for developers to implement into their Android apps. The in-app purchase choice operates in such a way that certain specific features or functionalities are incorporated in the money-needing application. The users use various kinds of payment methods to make the transaction and obtain their necessary items inside the application to get access to the special features and functionalities. In this way, with applications, revenue is obtained. Ensure that the in-app buying features boost customer loyalty and engagement in the applications. The game Candy Crush is one typical example of in-app purchasing. With the help of in-app purchases, this game generates an income of about $800,000 a day.

  • 2.Using In-App Advertising

Another strong tool that can be used for earning money with Android apps is in-App ads. Various businesses are present that offer in-app purchasing. Such firms use various templates that are used for advertisements. One common model for ads is known as the cost per click model. A small commission from the advertising is typically required by the partner company. Using specific advertisements that adhere to the content of your application is one rule of thumb for using in-app advertisements.

  • 3.Try to use a subscription model for the application

For many enterprises, the use of the subscription model within the application has proven quite popular. An example of a business focused on a subscription model is the Netflix group. Aim to provide the target audience with search content and content that displays some real value. Try to develop engaging content so that consumers want to spend more time on the app. You will gain benefit from your application by engaging the audience to use your application. Using the subscription model for your application will also provide a perfect way to make money from the application.

  • 4.Try to create an Android application that runs on multiple Android devices

Imagine that an application was developed by you and it only works on cell phones. You would definitely miss those people who use the software on their desktops and tablets. To increase your application’s audience, one easy solution is to make the application compatible with various Android devices. Build the application in such a way that its graphics and other properties, regardless of their size, resolution, and versions, are consistent with running on multiple Android devices.

  • 5. Finding a sponsor for your application

Using sponsorship for your Android application is also a clever way of getting money from apps. For using sponsorship, first, you have to find a company or a brand that is using a similar application like yours in the Android marketplace. After searching the company, You get their sponsorship, and customers for your company will increase.

  • 6. Freemium

This mode of monetization is very interesting. The Freemium model includes the process in which different companies offer advanced versions of their mobile phone applications to the target audience. In this way, the users will spend an amount of money in exchange for the application. It is one of the most profitable and guaranteed ways of making money from apps. The basic idea behind this freemium is that the core premium features of the application are kept in lock and they are only unlocked for the people who want to spend real money on the features.

  • 7. Research your competitors

Various rivals in the Android marketplace are present in the world of Android applications. To make an application successful, the competitive applications that will compete with your application in the Play Store need to be researched. To be competitive among different competitors, it is important to develop applications that are new to the target audience with captivating and unique characteristics. Develop some new features that are really useful to users for your application and that engage the interest of users in using the application. A sure way to gain cash from publishing the app on the Play Store is to do proper research about the rivals and develop an application that stays ahead of the competition.

  • 8. Invest your time in researching the profitable categories of the Android application

To ensure that there is a demand for that application on the market is one of the most critical points of designing an application. If you create an application with no target audience, there is no way that such an application can be successful. It is important to spend time and do proper research in the quest for the lucrative niche of the android marketplace before making an application. Some popular categories of profitable applications for Android are:

  • Social media applications,
    • Music-related applications,
    • Applications dedicated to entertainment purposes,
    • Games,
    • Business and finance applications.


The Google Play Store offers millions of Android apps. It is important to build an application that has real value in order to earn money from the Play Store by creating and publishing an Android app. An effective Android application can be produced through the research of suitable competitive applications and lucrative niches in the Android marketplace. For generating revenue from Android apps, various techniques can be used.

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