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Most often, a lack of user upkeep is the cause of the system being overcrowded, slow, and appearing to have a lot of material. Therefore, KeepBooster Apk will assist users in maintaining their hardware or in extending the life of their hardware, as well as flawless system optimization and increased productivity. In summary, it can assist people with difficult activities because of the automated systems that are included into its characteristics.

Clean The Junk From The Memory

Junk files that randomly appear after several activities, such as installing apps or downloading things, will almost always be present on users’ computers. Fortunately, KeepBooster Apk will assist users in eliminating anything flagged as rubbish immediately and spare users from laborious manual searches. When some of the material is related to numerous vital jobs, it will make the most of AI in the search process and list out the rubbish files before the user analyses them.

Phone Booster For Various Heavy-duty Tasks

Many gadgets frequently have poor performance or are unsuitable for operating games or other apps that require high levels of performance. They can work more quickly and aggressively thanks to the system’s booster function, which helps the device achieve all the minimum performance criteria. If the user utilises the booster continuously, however, battery consumption is significantly accelerated and there are several residuals or negative effects.

Phone Optimizer For A Stable System

By eliminating any background programmes or other items, the optimization feature in KeepBooster Apk makes the device faster and lighter. In other words, optimization prioritises what’s crucial while bringing practically any system or programme to a standstill. Users can eliminate any background programmes or other items that have gathered for a long time by routinely optimising the device.

Advanced Battery Saver With Higher Efficiency

Although battery saver is a common feature on many devices, this app delivers a whole new power saver. Everything is flawlessly adjusted in a variety of ways and allows customers to pleasantly increase battery life. Only a few systems or programmes will be able to run at the lowest performance while everything goes into hibernation or stops altogether to conserve battery power.

Through unsecured internet access, cybercriminals frequently target a large number of individuals. Thankfully, KeepBooster Apk will include an integrated antivirus to shield users from all types of potential risks, including those posed by infected files or direct access via websites. Additionally, it has the ability to scan the entire system or memory for malicious elements, aiding in their quick removal or repair.

Wide Range Of Customizations

When a user alters every aspect of how the app functions and how it looks from the outside in, they are engaging in extensive customisation or personalisation. When running numerous processes on the device, each function has a certain level of efficiency or extra options to reveal new potential. Moreover, certain equipment have the ability to operate automatically at predetermined intervals, providing the user with increased comfort or flawless work results.

Everyone needs KeepBooster Apk as an all-purpose app to keep their gadget slick, light, and flawlessly optimised in every way. Additionally, it can aid in energising every component and enabling it to perform at its peak for gaming or demanding jobs. The device’s numerous beneficial and possible uses will also increase dramatically, offering users the utmost harmony rather than pushing the device past its capabilities.

KeepBooster Apk Features

  • Cleaning up the RAM can be done manually or automatically, and before deleting any files in the future, make a list of the critical ones.
  • All apps or programmes that are running in the background are reduced by a straightforward system optimizer with excellent performance.
  • Strong performance booster for reliable operation while gaming or working on tasks that the system isn’t typically equipped to handle.
  • With a cutting-edge and creative energy saver created with multiple automatic methods, you may extend battery life while engaging with the programmes or apps.
  • A portable antivirus programme that offers complete security can isolate users from any hazardous files and can check the memory or device for potentially harmful software.

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App Name KeepBooster: Cleaner&Antivirus (Apk)
Updated 10 Aug 2022
Current Version 1.1.5
Requires Android 5.0 and up

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