India’s Top Short Video Apps for Making Money 2023

Since Tick-Tock was banned, a lot more apps for quick videos have appeared. They offer a simple means of making money. With a camera phone, almost anyone can record and upload brief videos. With the assistance of these short video programmes, you may entertain people or make films for WhatsApp. We’ve put together this list of the top short video earning applications to get you started. On the app you prefer the most, you can post your videos.

1. Instagram Reels

The Instagram app offers a platform called Instagram reels where you can make entertaining movies and share them with everyone. 30-second multi-clip films can be created and edited using soundtrack, special effects, and artistic tools like filters and stickers. Reels can be distributed to your followers. By promoting your account, you may also share it with the larger Instagram community. When you have a respectable level of interaction, you may make money by working with brands, engaging in affiliate marketing, selling goods and services, attracting visitors to your website, and submitting an Instagram bonus application.

2. YouTube Shorts

YouTube is where long-form videos are found. On YouTube Shorts, vertical, 60-second videos are possible. YouTube shorts are distinctive since there is no copyright concern. To increase traffic, you can share excerpts from an existing video. These films can later be made profitable with the use of brand partnerships, sponsorships, and a YouTube shorts fund. You must publish an original video every 180 days, be 13 years old, abide by YouTube’s community rules and monetization standards, and reside in an eligible nation in order to qualify for YouTube shorts money.

3. Snapchat Spotlight

Millions of dollars are awarded to the top Snapchat videos that get attention. However, the system makes the decision based on the number of unique views, screenshots, shares, and view duration. A spotlight video on Snapchat lasts for 60 seconds. Once you’ve finished filming, click “Spotlight” at the top to add hashtags and submit the clip. There is no comments section; rather, the app’s music library can be used to contribute music. Your chances of winning increase with the popularity and view count of the videos.

4. Moj

The top short video earning app in India is called Moj. It is created by Sharechat. For the greatest selfies, they offer thousands of stickers, unique effects, and enchanted feelings. Over time, Moj promotes the videos and creators who participate in its challenges and hashtags. On this app, duet videos are also permitted. You can earn money from your short films by working with other tiny creators, promoting a company, getting product sponsorships, becoming an affiliate marketer, and promoting your other social media accounts.

5. MX Taka Tak

Mx media and entertainment developed the software Mx Taka Tak, which allows users to create videos and subtitle them. Sharechat, who owns Moj, purchased it recently. Popular creators like Badshah, Jannat Zubair, Garima Chaurasia, Angel Rai, and Aashika Bhatia can be found using this app. By signing up as an Affiliate Marketer, promoting the app, teaming up with sponsors, selling your own products, and driving traffic to your other social media accounts, you can make money from short videos. Additionally, you may make money by going live and converting the presents, emoticons, and stickers that fans send you into coins.

6. Josh

Josh offers you incredible camera filters that let you make stunning short videos by offering features like slow motion and lots of background sounds. You may view the most recent videos made by artists like Mr. Faisu, Hasnain Khan, and Sameeksha Sud in the Josh app. You can make videos and upload them, participate in challenges, and join Josh Start to start making money. Your short movies can be made profitable by advertising a brand, receiving sponsorships, signing up as an affiliate marketer, marketing your social media pages, and working with other short video producers.

7. Chingari

Salman Khan supports Chingari, a short video earning app, which is available in India. You may make engaging films, dance to your favourite music, experiment with hilarious and intriguing AR filters, and lip sync to popular songs and conversations. While you wait for the call to be answered, you can obtain video tone enhancements for your phone call experience. These can be found on the call screen. There is a direct monetization arrangement for the Chingari app. The pay for content creators will go higher. The creator of the content receives one point for each scene, which can be exchanged for money. 1 rupee is equal to 1000 coins. The top content providers’ videos are displayed in the trending section.

8. Zili

The finest short video earning app is Zili, where you can discover popular videos like amusing skits, clips from your favourite movies, artists from around the world, dancing videos, and new music. This programme includes several features and editing options, including puzzle films and boomerangs. Additionally, you have access to all types of popular music, such as rap, rock, hip-hop, EDM, and country. Promotions, affiliate marketing, and driving traffic to your online store and other social media accounts are all ways you can make money.

9. Roposo

A quick video earning app in India is called Roposo. Along with quick videos, you may shop, go live, and learn about the newest trends from your favourite influencers and celebrities. Your brief movies can be made profitable by earning gift coins from comments, advertising, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, branding, and teamwork.

10. Tiki

Tiki is a short video app for enjoyment that features high-quality short films. On this platform, you may find films in a variety of categories, such as comedy, dancing, lipsync, drama, food, lifestyle, and fashion. The videos and producers you enjoy can be shared, liked, and commented on by anyone. Tiki occasionally arranges offline get-togethers where individuals can exchange ideas in specific cities. Through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and brand promotion, you can make money on Tiki.

11. Facebook Short Videos

Facebook has added short movies that are exclusively accessible to those who have the app. Users of Facebook see it appear on their screens at random. To be eligible for monetization, you must be older than 18, have more than 10,000 followers, and have accumulated 600000 minutes of views across all of your uploaded videos. You would also require five or more live video uploads.


Making quick movies can be a terrific way to get money. You can immediately get a user’s attention and motivate them to act. You can submit your short movies for free on platforms like Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, Snapchat spotlight, Facebook short videos, Roposo, Vooho, and Moj. You can monetize your videos once you can get people to watch them.

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