How to Fix Samsung Fast Charging Not Working Problem?

Samsung Fast Charging or Superfast Charging allows it’s user to charge their devices incredibly quickly. However, sometimes Samsung Fast Charging stop working properly leaving user with slow charge time.

There are two main reasons why Samsung Galaxy devices suffer Fast Charging Not Working Problem. Either USB cable that came with your Samsung device may be damaged or the Fast Charging part on your device itself may be damaged. Go through this article and know how you can fix the Samsung Fast Charging Not Working problem.

1. Try Different Charger and Cable

Your charging cable may have suffered internal damage due to its usage or aged and the internal wires have became riddle. Try charging with different fast charging compatible charger and cable.

2. Enable and Disable Fast Charging

Try enabling and disabling fast charging settings on your Samsung device to fix the problem.

  • Open the Settings on your Samsung phone.
  • Scroll down, go to that “Device Care” and open it.
  • Then, select the option “Battery”, tap to open it.
  • Here, scroll down and select “Charging Settings”.
  • Open Charging Settings, then tap on the Fast Charging and Superfast Charging. Toggle it off and charge your device normally.
  • Then, turn the Fast Charging and Superfast Charging back on and see if the issue is resolved.

3. Software Update

If new system software is available on your device, try to update your device to resolve the fast charging problem.

  • Open the Settings on your phone.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Software Update”.
  • Click on download and install, your device will automatically check for any available updates.
  • Then, follow the on-screen prompts to install any new system software.

4. Battery Calibration

  • Using Samsung code to reset the battery on your Samsung smart phone.
  • Open the dialer pad and dial the code “*#9900#” . You will be then taken to the Advanced Menu, known as System Dump.
  • Inside the menu, scroll down to see the “Batterystats Reset”. If you click on that a pop-up message will appear at the bottom of the screen saying “Batterystats Reset done”.
  • Go back, Restart your phone and you are done.

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