How to Activate Jio WiFi Call Setting On Android in India

In India, the Latest Jio Vo-Wi-Fi calling service is introduced. To encourage users to make and get calls through a Wi-Fi network. Jio promises that its Wi-Fi calling service is free of charge. No Jio tariff plan also needs to be purchased only WiFi network.

Jio ‘s New Calling Serive technology is designed to deploy Wi-Fi in the whole of India. And starting on 10 January with supporting devices. It is planned to allow all-over Wi-Fi Jio networks in India both voice and video calls. However, your devices need to enable Wi-Fi calling functions.

We address Jio Wifi Calling Enabled Devices Models in this post. How to use this Jio WiFi call function on your smartphone or how to trigger it. Jio says that there is no extra charge for the Jio Vo-WiFi calling facility. This means that for this reason, you do not have to buy a tariff package. You simply need WiFi calls to allow this Service on your smartphones.

WiFi calling on Android phones steps to enable:

To enable Jio Vo Wi-Fi Calling on your Android smartphone, simply complete the next steps of all Android phones.

Android devices calling for WiFi

You need to connect Active WiFi Network over your region first to use these services. Disable your Active WiFi Data Network and Mobile Phone Link. On Status Bar Signal Symbol Switches from VoLTE to VoWiFi Network, after connecting WiFi You Can See.

  • Once you have linked your computer to the WiFi network, you will need to enable the WiFi calling feature by going to Android Phones environment.
  • Go to connection settings and see WiFi call feature. Just click and enable.
  • You can search by typing WiFi Calling on your Setting Search Bar if you can’t find this feature.

Steps to Enable Apple iPhones WiFi Calling:

Like Android Phones, activate the Jio Vo WiFi calling feature on your iPhones and just do it all after every iPhone.

WiFi calling in iPhones

  • Once you have linked your phone to the WiFi network, just go to your iPhone setting
  • In Phone Setting, you can see this wireless call function by clicking on the FunCtion tab, by clicking and enabling it.
  • When you can’t find this Wi-Fi feature, you can easily search for it on any iPhone configuration.

Once enabled, Simple dial any number and call from the WiFi Network is simple. Once the call function is enabled on your phones

The phones supported by Jio WiFi Calling:

If you don’t know which device supports this call services and which device allows this, visit the connection and learn more. There is Several Brands and their models support for the Jio Vo-WiFi calling services

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