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How is Space Technology Used In Human Daily Life?

Rocket technology has aided astronauts and scientists in studying stars , planets and universe formation. Yet, can space technology still be used for everyday applications?

Are you aware that work into NASA-sponsored algae contributed to the development of a formula for babies? As a result, NASA was investigating algae ‘s ability as a recycling agent for long-term space travel. Earlier, however, the space organization found out that the nutrient-rich algae contained Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Arachidonic Acid (ARA), which are an excellent dietary supplement for the mental and visual growth of an child.

The innovations that NASA has invented to test new horizons for mankind are now being applied to daily applications. You will now see in our homes numerous technologies deliberately made to ease and boost space exploration efforts. NASA first invented technology behind innovations such as portable vacuum cleaners, covers, transparent braces, and much more, for space exploration alone. Many technical advancements pioneered by space exploration include heart pumps, artificial arms, the Internet, and sensors to camera.

Space organizations, such as NASA, have developed various techniques to enhance space exploration and space shuttle communication. As NASA made public its technologies and work, the pioneers repurposed space technology for daily applications. Some of these technologies include:

Embedded web technology and IoT

NASA has developed embedded web technology to enable astronauts to perform and track ISS experiments remotely over the Internet. The embedded network technology was published later in the public domain, creating the Internet of Things. IoT lets you connect electronic devices to the Internet, which allows any user to remotely access their devices. Google Home, for example, is a speaker powered by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which doubles up as a virtual assistant. Today, IoT is commonly used in wearables, smart homes and intelligent cities. In addition, IoT has a huge potential to transform the business and offer improved customer engagement, improved operational efficiency and advancements in business models.

Camera sensors

The NASA scientist, Eric Fossum, has carried out comprehensive work to reduce the scale of space flight cameras. Eric Fossum has developed complementary metal oxide semi-conductor (CMOS) image sensor for space exploration after years of study. Nonetheless, images taken using the CMOS sensors showed signal noise and other problems. Therefore, Fossum developed active pixel sensors for CMOS using the technology Charge Coupled Device (CCD). CMOS active pixel sensors had revolutionized the digital imaging industry after being published for public use. CMOS active pixel sensors are also widely used in various mobile cameras and GoPro cameras.


Many space organizations have released different satellites into Earth’s orbit. Satellites are used for many purposes and the GPS network is one of those. GPS networks help you to locate wherever you are across the globe. In addition, mapping applications such as Google Maps use the GPS networks extensively. GPS can help run autonomous vehicles when clubbed with artificial intelligence and maschine learning. The vehicles can learn to drive safely on their own, with the aid of sensors. An autonomous tractor, for example, can use precise GPS results to feed plants, spray fertilizers, spray pesticides and harvest crops.

Communication and Internet

The satellites orbiting the Earth, transmitting and receiving data and signals to different devices; For mobile communication and across the Internet, satellite signals are used which have revolutionized the way we communicate and operate. Mobile phones and the Internet have allowed everyone in every corner of the world to link and communicate. In addition, Internet speed is rising exponentially, and the launch of 5 G is expected to hit speeds greater than 1Gbps. As in every form of company the Internet is used for multiple operations, the increased speed and inexpensive data rate can only make things easier. Web services are commonly used in every industry, from maintaining bank records to handling college admissions.

Rail monitoring sensors

A Rotational Vibration Sensor called RotoSense has been discovered by NASA’s Subsonic Rotary Wing Project to predict helicopter failures. RotoSense had been repurposed to track train axle vibrations to detect rail defects. RotoSense has been repurposed by a Tennessee based company to build RailSafe, which tracks wheel safety to detect issues and predict failures. RailSafe made the trains safer and reduced the cost of maintenance.


Space technology is rapidly rising and making sci-fi fantasies come true. Nasa agencies are financing further nasa exploration research and development programmes. Private companies such as SpaceX and Blue Origin have entered the race to develop space technology by conducting private space flights and promoting tourism in space. The future of space exploration is only getting brighter with steady development in the space exploration market. Space tourism and space colonization provide some fascinating predictions about space technology. Private companies like SpaceX have also announced space missions such as MarsOne which are preparing to colonize Mars. In comparison, Blue Origin is researching reusable rockets with the ability to make space travel cheaper. In addition, scientists are finding new stars , planets, galaxies and other celestial bodies to get a deeper understanding of universe formation. Advanced technology is increasingly being used to search other planets for life and resources.

Existing systems are becoming cheaper and more advanced with new developments and the development of viable solutions in space technology. The space technology developments would promote a greater understanding of environment and faster broadband connections. In addition , the production of space shuttles and rockets would alter the way we fly. Suborbital point-to – point transport options such as Hyperloop, are considered feasible in the future. Imagine taking off from New York, flying into space and landing in London within an hour or so, with hypersonic flight alternatives this would be feasible.

The advances in space technology are likely to revolutionize various industries. Industry sectors such as construction will find vast opportunities to manufacture the parts required for space shuttles and rockets. For build digital technologies and space exploration solutions, tech companies need to recruit specialists with specialty and cross-functional experts. To accelerate space exploration, engineers and researchers must harness artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Spacecraft and rockets would need significant amounts of fuel for space missions. Of this reason the energy industry must also concentrate on developing clean and alternative fuels. Big data analytics can be implemented by organizations to recognize and forecast space technology patterns, or their effect on their business area. The space discovery and exploration is only getting more advanced and competitive with new players entering the world of space technology. To maintain a significant place in a competitive market, it is therefore important for companies to understand the potential of space technology and to respond to the evolving trends in the industry.

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