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How Do I Verify My Instagram Account?

In today’s world, most people love using social media. Some people use them for entertainment, while others are using them to promote their companies. Instagram is one of the biggest sites. We’ll go over how to get a verified Instagram account or a verified badge in this post. It is important for companies, brands, and celebrities to receive this badge because it verifies their authenticity. Instagram, like Twitter, has a checked badge. This badge’s aim is to demonstrate that the account holder is a genuine celebrity. It also means that the account is affiliated with a real public figure, celebrity, or global brand.

X A blue seal with a tiny checkmark appears next to your username to reflect this badge. Apart from that, the blue check assists in the identification of impostor or fake accounts (so that they do not fall into their trap). Getting a checked account is a status mark in and of itself.

Who is qualified to request an application for Instagram verification?

Instagram authentication is only open to public figures, celebrities, and multinational brands. This means that the general public is not eligible for this benefit. What good would it be if it was intended for everyone? Instagram is searching for individuals or companies that are of public interest.

The network’s Terms of Service and Group Standards extend to all users. If users want a checked badge, they must meet certain eligibility criteria.

There are the following:

  • Authentic: As the name implies, a person should remain true to their own identity rather than impersonating someone else. To put it another way, the account should belong to a real person, a legal company, or a well-known brand.
  • Only one account per person or company can be checked on Instagram, according to this regulation. There is an exception, however, for language-specific accounts. Fans, sadly, do not fall into this category. General interest accounts are also ineligible.
  • Before going through the verification process, make sure your account is public or viewable to anyone else.
  • Full: A complete bio, profile photo, and at least one article are all recommended.
  • This is perhaps the defining characteristic of a checked account. Such accounts should be associated with a well-known, highly sought-after individual, brand, or organisation.

It’s important to note that just because you have a verified badge on Facebook doesn’t mean you’ll get one on Instagram. You must meet all of the requirements. Unlike Facebook, our favourite social media site Instagram only promotes well-known accounts.

How do I get my Instagram account verified?
Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting your Instagram account checked.

Although becoming popular is challenging, receiving a checked badge is a piece of cake if you follow all of the criteria.

Step 1: Log in

To log into your Instagram account, press the login button. Make sure you’re signed into the Instagram account you want to check if you have more than one.

Step 2: Request verification

In the top right corner of your profile, tap or click the menu icon.

At the bottom of your screen, press the Settings gear button.

Go to Account and pick it.

Request verification by clicking the button.

Step 3: Check that you are who you think you are.
This move involves entering your Instagram account name and filling out the fields below:

  • Full Name: Write your full legal name exactly as it appears on your government-issued ID.
  • Your name or the name of your organisation is what you are known as. Using a name that people will know you by. For example, if you go by a nickname or use your middle name instead of your first name, fill in this field with that detail.
  • Sub-category: This is how the group is portrayed. You may choose from a range of categories, including news/media, sports, government/politics, music, fashion, entertainment, blogger/influencer, and business/brand/organization. Choose the one that is most fitting for your Instagram account.

You must now upload a copy of your government-issued photo ID or a copy of an official business card. A driver’s licence, passport, or government-issued identification card will suffice in the case of a person. You can use your tax returns, utility bills in your company’s name, or your articles of incorporation to start a business. Make sure the name on your document matches the one you entered above.

Press the Send button.
The last step is to press the send button. Instagram will review your application for verification after this step. They’ll also want to verify your account’s “authenticity, uniqueness, completeness, and notability.”

Instagram will let you know whether your request has been approved or rejected after it has been reviewed. That message will also appear in your Instagram notifications. You shouldn’t expect a response right away. Despite the lack of a specific timeline, the procedure usually takes a few days.

Be wary of frauds/scams, as Instagram will never ask you to pay for verification, nor will they send you an email inquiring about your request. You’re being scammed if you get a request to pay or an email asking you to send more information.

How to Verify Your Instagram Account

Have an interesting bio- Everyone knows that having an intriguing profile makes it easier to create a buzz. As a result, this point is unavoidable.

Do make the news- This is a little-known but true fact. In order to determine your fame, Instagram wants you to be featured in a variety of news outlets. As a result, broad coverage is required.

Regularly post- In order to get a verified badge, you’ll need a strong Instagram presence rather than a single post. If your account is inactive, your hopes may be dashed, so make sure you’re posting new content on a regular basis. Also, keep your follower count up by engaging with people who aren’t part of your fan base.

Using a third-party provider will not get your account checked. Rather, they will con you because no one other than Instagram is authorised to provide a verified badge.

Don’t connect to other social media platforms- You should take this seriously because the social media platform doesn’t allow cross-promotion, particularly if the links are in your bio.

Other factors to consider include follower engagement, not losing the badge, and so forth. Keep these pointers in mind when you apply for a checked badge.

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