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Samsung offers top customizations, optimizations, utility tools, and apps for their flagship devices on a regular basis. Samsung released Game Launcher a few years ago to record gameplay, display total and daily playtime, and recommend various high-level and high-octan games. So, in this post, we’ll show you how to install and tweak Samsung Game Plugins on Galaxy devices running Android 10. (One UI 2.0)

The screen recording feature has been moved to the Settings app with the arrival of Android 10 (One UI 2.0), and you can no longer record your gameplay. Meanwhile, Samsung recently released the “Game Plugins” app, which allows users to customise games and view various device stats while gaming. Samsung did, however, develop a fantastic customization tool called “Good Lock” that let users to create personalised themes and icons. Game Plugins is a Samsung application for Samsung Galaxy handsets that provides several modules for improving your gaming experience. There are three modules available right now: Daily Limits, Game Booster Plus, and Perf Z.

1. Daily Limits

Daily Limits is a self-explanatory plugin, as the name says. You can set a daily limit on how much time you spend playing games. This is comparable to the Digital Wellbeing function that Google debuted with Android 10 OS. Daily Limits offers a simple user interface and encourages kids to spend enough time outside doing activities and training.

2. Game Booster Plus

Game Booster Plus is the most significant component of Game Plugins. It will show you a list of all games you have installed or played, and you can tap on any game to see how long you’ve played, as well as CPU, GPU, frames per second (FPS), temperature, and other information.

Depending on the games you play, you may also select different settings such as Battery saving, Balance, Max FPS, High quality, and Custom.

3. Perf Z

The Perf Z game plugin will provide players with all of the data and information they require while playing games. FPS (frames per second), CPU, GPU, and system temperature are all included. This information allows gamers to keep track of the game’s output as well as how hot the device is.

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