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YouTube is the world’s most popular video site, with millions of videos uploaded every day and a steady stream of high-quality content for viewers. When utilizing the ordinary version, however, there are numerous drawbacks, including multiple advertisements and the inability to watch in small window mode. As a result, the focus of this article will be on Float Tube, which is still YouTube. Still, there are fewer advertisements, and viewers may watch films in float mode, which allows them to multitask while watching video material. This is also a wonderful function for music fans, since it allows them to listen to music for free and in comfort while floating.

Full Features And Function But Well Customized

Float Tube is fairly similar to YouTube in terms of functionality and layout, but what sets it apart is the floating video and the customization options for the interface. This app differs from YouTube in various ways, making it more fascinating and providing users with more spectacular user experiences. To put it another way, the Floating Tube is a mod that makes use of YouTube data to provide viewers with a variety of content, and the floating bubble feature is a game-changer. YouTube provides a feature that allows you to view videos or movies for free. However, advertising irritates users, as does the ability to immediately stop when using other applications, therefore Float Tube was created to address these issues.

Watch Video Or Listen To Music On Float Mode

You may use Float Tube to watch YouTube videos directly, and you can log in to your Google account to save all of your history and bookmarks. Of course, you may use this software to upload and download videos, as it functions similarly to the original. By sharing a video and selecting an exclusive option on the screen, you can watch any video. The video will be instantaneously resized on the screen, and you can interact with it as you would with any other video. The difference is that you can view movies while doing other things, such as playing games or accessing social media sites like Facebook.

A Wide Rage Of Customization For Float Mode

The floating mode has no restrictions, and it even outperforms YouTube in terms of features and benefits. Floating mode adds a number of useful options that allow you to customize your watching experience, such as adjusting quality, resizing, moving, changing opacity, and changing playback modes. If you enjoy listening to music on YouTube, the floating feature will play music in the background with the lowest performance while playing audio-only. Of course, sound quality is unsurpassed while utilizing less processing power and ensuring that work or gaming is simplified. Without turning on Float Tube, you can interact with the music video via the notification bar or the floating bubble on the screen.

Float Tube- Float Video Player
Float Tube- Float Video Player
Developer: Ruffy
Price: Free

Synchronize Your Account

Even if you don’t use the original app, Float Tube will sync your account with YouTube and save all of your video viewing history. Because the app is considered a YouTube mod, your account’s security and personal information will be protected. Float Tube offers to provide you with more engaging features, as well as performance and synchronisation features, than native apps.

Many users are dissatisfied when YouTube does not allow for background video playback and has a large number of ads that irritate viewers. However, with Float Tube, users’ video viewing experiences will be elevated to new heights, including the ability to listen to live music while working on mobile devices.

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App Name Float Tube (Apk)
Updated August 6, 2021
Current Version 1.5.30
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Size 7.1M
Offered By Ruffy

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