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Check Your Smartphone is ORIGINAL or FAKE ? 2 Foolproof Ways to Know

How to Tell if You Have a Fake Phone. According to statistics, every fifth smartphone sold around the world is a fake copy made in China. The most popular brands to copy are Samsung, iPhone, Nokia/Microsoft, and, since quite recently, Redmi and Xiaomi. The easiest way to protect yourself from buying a fake phone is to purchase it from an official retailer. If you still want to take a chance and save some money by purchasing your next smartphone from a smaller shop, an online shop, or from someone else, you have to be super careful. As long as you know a few tricks, you won’t have to live with a phone clone!

SUMMARY -Hold the real phone in your hands. Be very careful, and pay attention to these details: the camera’s location, what the screen is made of, how it feels, what the phone itself is made of, how bright the screen is, how light or heavy it is, and what the logo feels like when you touch it. Then, check out all that before buying a supposedly real phone elsewhere.

-Before you happily hand over the money for your dream gadget, pay attention to its home key. It might seem that they all look the same, but they each have slight differences.

-Carefully read every item on the home screen. Fake phones often have weird commands. -On most phones, you can find the IMEI on a sticker on the back of the gadget. If it’s not there, enter the service code * # 06 # in dialing mode.

-Open the App Store on what’s supposed to be an iPhone. If it takes you to Google Play instead, that’s a clear sign the phone has Android instead of iOS as its software.

-You can try entering a special service code to see if that Samsung is indeed a Samsung. Click on the “Phone” icon, and dial * # 7353 #. A menu should pop up, allowing you to check if certain functions are working.

-If you’re shopping for an iPhone, bring your laptop with iTunes installed on it (if possible). Only an original Apple phone will be able to work with it.

-Even if the “body” of the phone is real, a fake battery won’t take you far. Plus, it still means the phone has been tampered with.

-In case a 16 megapixel HD camera is luring you, give it a test before you buy the gadget and are disappointed with the image quality.

-Install the smartphone performance check app AnTuTu Officer. A simple benchmark may not be able to help you because scammers have already learned to add any desired processor mode.

How To Check Your iphone is Fake or Real ? kaise pata kare iphone real hai ya fake
Check Your Smartphone is Fake or Real

Many shops are selling fake Smartphones and power bank these days and we don’t even realize that we might be buying fake phone. But not anymore! Using these three tricks you will be able to check if a Smartphone or power bank you are buying is original or fake. So share this article so that others also always buy genuine Smartphone and not fake phones.

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