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Use these self-destructing apps to convey sensitive information if you don’t want it to be saved anywhere. Even if you use the most secure apps, there’s a chance that important or confidential data could be viewed later since it was saved somewhere. Use one of these self-destructing applications to express anything without worrying about it being preserved permanently. Of course, if you use Gmail, you can already send self-destructing emails using Confidential Mode, one of the best new Gmail features.

These applications provide a variety of functions. Some allow you to send a single message or even an entire Slack message. Self-destruction is used by some to keep your system slim and productive. Choose what you require.

Detail Of 1ty me Site

Sending a password for any account by email, instant message, or any other service is a poor idea. Instead, use a self-destructing note like the ones provided by 1ty me Site when you need to communicate passwords.

In the notes section, type your password, then click the “Generate Link” button. You’ll receive a URL that you may send to anyone. 1ty me Site will delete the mail from its servers indefinitely the first time it is opened. So you won’t be able to share this with numerous users, but at the very least you’ll know it won’t be saved anywhere.

The option to be alerted when the link is opened is available. And, before opening the link, 1ty me Site cautions the user that it will be destroyed forever, so they should copy-paste any sensitive information as soon as possible.

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