Why Do Prepaid Plans Have A 28-day Validity Period Rather Than A 30-day Period? Recognize The Reason

Overall, XAPK Installer is a fantastic programme for anyone who like XAPKs or regularly downloads software from third-party sites. While you’ll still need to open them with another programme, this tool makes it easy to download and install them on your device. That’s simply a shame it doesn’t have the same in-depth app setup options as your normal settings. It’s based on a complex formula. These telecom behemoths make a lot of money by offering prepaid plans for 28 days instead of 30. Let’s have a look at how this is accomplished.

The validity of 12 months x 28 days is 336 days, which is 29 days less than the 365 days in a year. If you decide for 28 days on a month-to-month basis, this clearly shows that you would recharge 13 times per year. The formula is as follows: 28 days x 13 months Equals 364 days. You may be astonished to learn that telecom companies such as Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone-idea earn crores of rupees in this 13th recharge.

Airtel makes roughly Rs 5415 crore in the 13th recharge (average revenue per person – Rs 153 x 35.44 crore (userbase until September)). In the 13th month, Reliance Jio and Vodafone-idea earn Rs 6168 crore and Rs 2934 crore, respectively, based on a similar computation. The same calculation applies to so-called quarterly plans, which have an 84-day validity period rather than a 90-day period. With 29 days left in the year, subscribers on quarterly plans get only 336 days of service on the fourth recharge.

Reliance Prepaid customers can choose from a variety of 28-day plans from Jio, Airtel, and Vi. Jio offers Rs 299, Rs 239, Rs 209, Rs 419, and Rs 601 rates. The following Airtel 28-day plans are available: Rs 299, Rs 265, Rs 359, Rs 179, Rs 599, and Rs 449. Finally, Vi provides 28-day plans for Rs 299, Rs 501, Rs 179, Rs 269, Rs 475, Rs 359, and Rs 409. Customers of Reliance Jio, Airtel, and Vi are already concerned about the latest price hike of prepaid plans. All three cellular companies have raised their tariff charges by 20 to 25%, which amounts to about Rs 500 per year. The increased prices went into effect at the beginning of this month.

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