Turn off Call Recording Announcement in Android Google Dialer

Numerous people have been complaining about the call recording alert since since Google made it essential to install Google Phone as the default dialer on Android. Google acknowledges that the alert exists to protect users’ privacy. However, there are some circumstances in which privacy is more vital than secretly recording a call. For instance, the alarm may negate the entire purpose of recording if the other person’s recording was utilized as legal evidence. So today I’ll explain how to make any Android phone’s Google phone dialer stop the call recording announcement.

How to Stop Call Recording Notifications in Google Phone?

The call recording alert in the Google phone app is a common source of complaints among Android users. Only a select few companies, including Samsung and Vivo, have their own phone apps that enable secret call recording. On OnePlus phones, you may also turn off the call record warnings. You may disable the alert notification if you’re like the vast majority of Android users who want it gone by following these instructions:

  • On your phone, download the TTSLexx app from the Google Play Store.
  • Go to the settings on your phone and look under Languages & Input. Select the Text to Speech option.

  • Change the Preferred engine to TTSLexx by tapping on it. Select OK.

  • Return to the home screen now, and long-press the icon for the phone app. Click on “App Info.”
  • Tap Clear Data, followed by Clear All Data.

Wrapping Up

I’m done now. When you record a call while it is in progress, the alarm will play before the call is connected. When you pick up the phone whenever someone is recording the call, neither you nor the other party will hear the recording alert in any way. An XDA developer discovered the method to turn off the call recording announcement. Watch this space for further advice of this nature.

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