Top 4 Best Cricket Games 2022 | Play On Android Phones |

No 1: Real Cricket™ 20 Apk

Real Cricket™ 20 Apk is a new mobile game that brings the fascinating world of cricket to all cricket fans. Prepare to enter a well-designed project with many distinct settings and features, where real cricket lovers will discover a wealth of fascinating subtleties. Participate in big historical occasions for this sport to test the competition mode and obtain an unforgettable experience. Authentic stadiums, a stylish commentary system, intuitive controls, intense multiplayer matches, and a slew of other features make the programme one of the best in its class.

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No 2: Cricket League Apk

Cricket League is a fun sports game that adapts epic international cricket games for smartphone screens and features some of the sport’s most popular teams, like the Indian, South African, New Zealand, and Sri Lankan sides, among others. Cricket League is one of the most comprehensive and enjoyable games in this category. Cricket League’s controls have been well-adapted to touchscreen devices, and you can acquaint yourself with the gameplay due to a detailed tutorial that walks you through the first few sections of the game step-by-step. You will play both the bowler and the hitter in the first match, and the controls for both positions differ slightly. To bat, simply swipe your finger backwards, and you’ll be able to measure the strength and angle of your swing. When the ball gets close, let go of the bat and the hitter will move. When bowling, you must first select the location to which you wish to throw the ball and then modify the power using the bar on the left side of the screen. Your throw will be better if it is closer to the blue area.

Cricket League features meticulously created and realistic graphics that heighten the excitement of each game and allow you to experience it as if it were a real competition. Cricket League is a good cricket game with impressive visuals, entertaining gameplay, and a wide variety of real-life teams to pick from. This is, without a doubt, the ideal game for cricket aficionados.

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No 3: World Cricket Championship 3 Apk

World Cricket Championship 3 is the third iteration in one of the most well-known cricket franchises in video games. This time, you have the opportunity to play for some of the top teams in the world, in some of the most prestigious stadiums, with all of the necessary official licences, and with the most up-to-date technology innovations included into the rules. What more could you possibly want? World Cricket Championship 3’s control system is unquestionably superior to earlier versions. When you’re hitting, use your left thumb to position your player and your right thumb to change the direction and power of your throw. You can choose the type of manoeuvre your character will perform based on which button you press. When it’s your turn to toss, the system will, of course, change altogether.

You can choose from a large number of teams and stadiums in World Cricket Championship 3, as well as different times of the day and weather. There are also other game modes to pick from. The fast matches are a lot of fun. You can also play a full season of cricket, as well as women’s cricket (one of the great novelties of this new edition). World Cricket Championship 3 is a full-fledged cricket game. It has stunning graphics and is one of the greatest cricket games on Android.

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No 4: World Cricket Battle 2 Apk

World Cricket Battle 2 is a sports simulator that allows you to play real cricket matches on your smartphone. World Cricket Battle 2 is one of the best cricket-based games available, with outstanding visuals and simple but complex gameplay. World Cricket Battle 2’s gameplay is straightforward: once you’ve chosen your team, you can choose whether to play as pitchers or hitters. The game’s gameplay changes slightly based on this option, but the controls are simple enough for players of all ages and experience levels to pick up quickly.

You earn experience points for each victory, which you can spend to level up your character. These points can also be used to unlock new and exciting game types. World Cricket Battle 2, like any decent sports simulator, allows you to compete against your friends as well as strangers from all over the world in exciting online contests.

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