PUBG Mobile’s Upcoming Cheer Park Runic Force Theme Case

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular royal fight names on the mobile app. Ever since its publication, the game has accrued a large active player base globally.

Yesterday, the most recent patch update, i.e. update 1.2, was released and brought several new features and in-game events. The Cheer Park Runic Power Theme Event was one such event.

Detailed guide to the theme case for Cheer Park Runic Force at PUBG Mobile

The latest event at Cheer Park takes place on the site itself. The Runic is seen floating high above the ground in the centre after a player enters Cheer Park. To acquire exclusive rewards, players have to complete the missions through this runic.

How to play an event with it?
A new option will be visible on the right side of the screen when players go near the runic, “Sense Ruin energy.” Players can tap on it, and they will receive a certain number of AGs as rewards instantly.

The challenge continues, and to get other fun rewards, players can complete regular quests for the runic. They need to go back to the runic and tap the “view” option in order to play the three daily tasks. The list of regular tasks for the Runic Power Mission would then appear.

Players have to become friends with a rune-compatible partner, for instance, or complete one Random Assault Rifle Quickdraw in Cheer Park with a Rune friend.

Three individual prizes and three other incentives will be given to complete the three individual missions: 1 Heart (Chicken), 10 AGs, and a 10UC Classic Crate voucher.

It is also likely, however, that the daily incentives, along with the daily missions, are random and can change every day.

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