PUBG Mobile Update: 1.3: 5 New Modifications That Will Make PUBG Fun, Check Out |

New Map Update for PUBG Mobile: 5 new updates that will make PUBG enjoyable; Check out-The 1.3 update for PUBG Mobile is now out for beta testing. Many leaks have indicated that Karakin is going to be rolled out with a new map. The map will be rolled out completely with this 1.3 PUBG Mobile update, but new features of the map can be tested in the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta version for now. Some patch notes for the PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 update are currently being released and confirm that Karakin will be added. The updates that can be expected from PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 are here.

PUBG Cellular New Map

Karakin is an island zone that is only about 2 to 2 kilometers long. This chart was first released on the PUBG PC and will be available for PUBG Mobile very soon. Karakin is a lot smaller than Sanhok and is somewhat similar in size to Livik. Only 64 players in a game will be dropped.

Mobile New Zone PUBG

In Karakin, a new zone is being added. The black or purple zone will be identified as the current demolition zone on the map. The new zone will be capable of demolishing any building that falls in that area. This new feature will cause buildings to be heavily damaged and when the Demolition Zone begins, they will have to move out of the city. This role will also allow the players to combat and facilitate a very competitive gameplay.

Stick thin Walls

Through the broken walls in Karakin, players will be able to shoot enemies. This role is suitable for the promotion of “indoor fights.” For now, whether this function is also in a portion of the compound walls, which are mostly used as protection, there is no change.

Bombs Sticky

In Karakin, known as the sticky bomb, a new disposable object is introduced. It is very similar to a bomb on the walls or roof that can be planted. It is possible to use this bomb to kill artifacts. The building will be turned into rubble after the sticky bomb is used and players will either take shelter in it or find things to loot.

From Panzerfaust

What is unique to Karakin is the Panzerfaust, a new rocket launcher that is immediately discarded after it is launched. The range of damage is effective, and with just one shot, the enemy could be knocked down.

Mosin Nagant Rifle Sniper

With this 1.3 update, a new sniper rifle that will be on par with Kar98k is also going to be included. In Erangel and Vikendi, this gun will be available, as it is a bolt-action sniper rifle.

Glider Engine

Update 1.3 of PUBG Mobil3: 5 new modifications that will make PUBG enjoyable; Find out PUBG Mobile adds the first aerial vehicle and adds the Motor Glider. This is a two-seater aircraft that operates just like an air-bound car, with a runway necessary for it to take off, and it consumes a lot of fuel depending on the speed once it is in the air. For now, this vehicle is going to be accessible in Erangle and Miramar.

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