PUBG MOBILE UNBAN: We Know So Much About It

In India since the last two months, PUBG Mobile unban has been a hot subject. The players look forward to hearing some good news about PUBG Mobile ‘s current situation in the region, but all news was vague and leading in several ways. So, what exactly is PUBG Mobile’s current state and the likelihood of unbanning the game? Let’s just find out. Let ‘s find out.

The IT Ministry of India prohibited PUBG Mobile on 2 September. Due to the escalating tension between China and India along the LAC border, this prohibition was enforced. This was the third ban wave in the world, in which over 100 Chinese applications were banned along with PUBG Mobile due to user privacy problems. The government officially claimed that the apps “damage India’s sovereignty, protection of India, state security, or public order.”

Because of this ban, the entire player base in the country was caught off-guard and it halted India’s growing mobile esports industry. Due to this ban, PUBG Mobile professionals became confused and were forced to give up their PUBG Mobile Pro League: South Asia Fell Split invitational slots.

The developers of PUBG Mobile content immediately split their positions on this decision. Some called for this imposition to be reversed and some expressed their shifting future plans. Popular names such as Scout and Mortal were among the very first to address their fans, where they both encouraged their viewers to stay calm and in a short stream revealed their future plans.

Tencent had a significant impact as its share value fell sharply following the announcement of the ban. “Tencent dropped more than 2 percent on Thursday after India ban 118 mobile apps including famous video game PUBG,” Reuters said. “It is not a concern.

This would have resulted in Tencent losing more than $14 billion. As a result of India’s decision to ban this game, the Chinese conglomerate faced a heavy financial reverse.

A week after the ban, PUBG Corporation released a declaration announcing that they had made some significant changes to lift this ban. PUBG Corp. has lost its ties to Tencent Holdings and has been entirely managed by PUBG Mobile in India for publication and distribution rights.

They also ensured localised content and tournaments for the region. They provided assurance. This can be compared to Game for Peace, PUBG Mobile’s Chinese version, or PUBG Mobile Korea’s local variant, which is different from the global variant. This helped India to play its own separate game as publishers with PUBG Corporation.

Shortly after PUBG Corporation revealed their plans for India, there began to be rumours, and many news appeared on the site. In a week, PUBG Corporation was reportedly negotiating a possible alliance with Titan Jio in Indian telecommunications. The distribution and publishing rights for this relationship have been on the table but these rumours have later disappeared and the developments in this agreement have not been released.

Megastars was the first company in India to drop their mobile PUBG, followed by many other teams. Other leading organisations in India also await their decision on the future of their Indian PUBG mobile rosters. Indian organisations called Stalwart Esports and FutureStation Gaming agreed to move their base from India to another area in South Asia to participate in PMPL.

“It is going to be fine for PUBG MOBILE BAN IN INDIA”
InsideSport released a major article where its source revealed “MeitY does not rush to revoke the PUBG ban or any other prohibited Chinese app.” It also mentioned that this PUBG Corporation’s “merely mere announcement” of its serious relations with Tencent Games in India is not sufficient for the ban to be lifted.

A fusion with Krafton Inc. has recently been announced by PUBG Corporation. In addition to all the distribution and production activities of the company’s popular battle royale Game PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, PUBG Corp. was part of the Krafton merger. This is not related to PUBG ‘s mobile ban or disclosure in India, but could change some stuff for the future. As already noted, PUBG Corp has taken full control of PUBG Mobile IP in India and is now integrating with Krafton; its parent firm; with the PUBG Mobile publication rights in India few changes are likely.

DOWN Operations in India: TENCENTS SHUTS:
It was the ultimate clue to the storey of the PUBG Mobile in India. Tencent eventually shuts down its operations in the country that has made PUBG Mobile unreachable. Despite the ban, most casual players still liked the game with numerous third-party stores, but PUBG Mobile Server was disabled in India and hence the Mobile PUBG chapter in India is now completely closed.

This has been the whole storey in the last two months on the PUBG Mobile ban. All of this information is obviously pointing in many directions and it is difficult to predict whether or not PUBG Mobile is back in this region. The final news is a good way to foresee PUBG Mobile ‘s future in India.

Tencent has closed its operations in the region, which could only lead to two significant future opportunities. Either with PUBG Corp (now Krafton), the game will return in India, as publishers, or with the PUBG Mobile Book for India. The final decision is around the corner, and the players should expect the tale to end very quickly.

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