PUBG Mobile India update Launch | Govt Order To Continue Banning The Signals And Tiktok Till The End Of March 2021 |

It was confirmed at last. The Government of India has effectively also ended this hope after all the speculations and claims by the PUBG Mobile India, which attempted a relaunch back into the country in March 2021. The government of India apparently confirmed that the ban on TikTok and all Chinese applications will continue in the near future, according to a LiveMint report. In June 2020 TikTok and 59 Chinese apps were banished by the Government of India, while in September 2020, the government prohibited 118 apps like PUBG Mobile India.

Any attempt by PUBG Mobile India to attempt a relaunch back in India in March 2021 ends with this latest announcement that the ban will continue effectively. All applications were prohibited in compliance with section 69A of the IT Act 2000.

The Government of India’s announcement, specifically related to TikTok and other Chinese applications, means that PUBG Mobile India’s future is very uncertain. Krafton Inc had recently posted an opening on their Linkedin profile for an eSports consultant in Bangalore, but they soon had to remove it in a couple of hours. This move ignited speculation that the March re-entry of PUBG Mobile India was going to become quite difficult. The declaration by the Government of India suggests that the comeback of PUBG Mobile India legally in the country is almost unlikely unless and until the government does not give in.

Updates and PUBG Mobile India Game Methods

Gamers can play PUBG Mobile India by bypassing the ban via a protected VPN network. There is a great deal of legal controversy, however, regarding whether the game can be played in such a way. The VPN network may be a tool to circumvent a legal ban, but the Government of India added that it was not illegal to access PUBG Mobile. Gamers can play PUBG Mobile internationally even now, but they can not play PUBG Mobile India on their tablets.

Recently, in the global 1.2 APK edition, there were a few changes with the inclusion of runes in the game. The Flame Rune, Artic Rune, and other updates have improved the game’s consistency. Gamers in India, however, can not play the game yet. To compound matters further, PUBG Mobile India’s rival FAU-G is also scheduled to launch on Republic Day in two days’ time, further eroding the PUBG Mobile India market.

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