OYO Rooms are Safe For Unmarried Couples

Looking for some quality time to spend with your partner? Want to book a room at OYO together? Is the OYO room safe and stable for unmarried couples?

When you book a room with your partner, there are many, many questions that pop into your mind.

We’re going to talk about these topics in this post and know if OYO is safe and worth staying with your partner.

When it comes to booking a hotel room for unmarried adults, there are plenty of glitches. The culture in which couples walk hand in hand is seen as taboo, leaving them alone in a single room.

When it comes to reserving their stay together, there is a feeling of fear that most couples face. The hotel to pick from? How to talk in reception? And what isn’t it?

Some hotels do not allow the check-in of unmarried couples, others which ask odd questions, such as are you married, are you couples, and what not.

Can Unmarried Couples Stay In Hotels In India?

Completely yes! In the Indian constitution, there is no provision that forbids an unmarried couple from booking and staying in a hotel room.

Nor does the Supreme Court of India specify any rules relating to booking a hotel for unmarried couples.

Checking-in is, however, at the discretion of the owners / managers of the hotel.

But the good thing is, most of the hotel rooms with which OYO partners are those who, without any questions, welcome unmarried couples.

And my advice is to choose those hotels that are friendly for a couple and have no problem with their guests being an unmarried couple.

By choosing the ‘Couple Fun’ choice in the philtre, you can check the list of couple-friendly OYO Rooms hotels.

How you can do that is shown in the picture below.

Also, for your stay, I suggest you choose the ‘Flagship’ hotels. OYO Flagship hotels are inexpensive hotels located in prime locations serviced by OYO.

So, in terms of location and amenities, OYO Flagship hotels are the best hotels.

By selecting ‘Flagship’ in the category section(shown in the above image), you can see all the Flagship hotels.

Now, let ‘s explore the key points. I shared why OYO rooms are healthy for couples and other tips that are helpful.

OYO Rooms are safe for couples who are unmarried. As the hotel staff at OYO are very helpful with check-ins, you can book your rooms without any worries.

For young unmarried couples, their services are perfect. They have the best facilities that guarantee a wonderful stay. OYO rooms facilities are top of the hospitality list for couples right from the check-in to the check-out.

Secure and Private:

The protection and privacy of its guests are given top priority by Oyo Rooms. You should be free from stress and enjoy your stay together.

Trained staff:

During their stay, OYO hotel workers are well trained and qualified to direct couples. They are friendly to customers there and listen to any problem that comes to them.

They assist with fast check-ins and appreciate the significance of privacy.

OYO hotels are well known and run under a strict code of conduct. During your stay, it ensures that you and your partner enjoy great hospitality.

24×7 Support

24-7 help from the OYO team team is available. If there is any problem during the stay with check-in, payments or something, OYO Customer Support has your back.

They support you with anything to make sure you’ve had a wonderful stay.

Local IDs accepted

The majority of OYO Hotels also accept local IDs. That means you can still book your stay together, even though you are from the same city as the hotel.

For local unmarried couples who seek to spend some quality time together, this is perfect.

Relationship Mode

The relationship mode of OYO allows you to find hotels that welcome unmarried couples quickly. It displays all the hotels as per your preferences when triggered.

This saves you from reading any hotel’s rules, whether or not they welcome unmarried couples. So when you book your hotel, just switch on the Relationship mode.

Tips For Couples For A Great Stay

  • At the time of check-in, bring valid ID documents with you. For a quick check-in, you need to create a national identification card. Make sure you have a clearly identifiable name and picture on the ID card. Voter ID, Aadhar passport, there will be a driving licence. Bear in mind that a PAN card is not approved as a check-in ID card.
  • Half an hour before your arrival, call the hotel. Although this is not a must, when you arrive, it is nice to tell them.
  • Before reserving a bed, look at the guest reviews of the hotel. With the best reviews, find the hotel. And always go to the hotels that are best for you, even though they cost a little more than other hotels.

There are some points that you must remember before booking an OYO hotel room.

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