New WhatsApp Beta Restores Camera Shortcuts Inside Chat Sharing Sheet

For Android, the new WhatsApp Beta has restored the old camera shortcut inside the chat sharing sheet — giving you another quick access point for pictures.

Spotted by code digger wabetainfo, the feature was removed just a few weeks ago when Facebook’s Messenger Rooms shortcut was introduced. It undoubtedly caused irritation for those who did not use the video calling option, as the camera shortcut inside the WhatsApp chat sharing sheet has been there for quite a long time now.

As part of the new release v2.20.198.9 you not only get a Camera shortcut return, but the update includes some updated icons (via wabetainfo). The update isn’t anything more than the slightly updated icons — which look anything flatter. For those who have yet to see the camera shortcut return will now have the option completely restored to all their chats or group chats.

If you are enrolled in the WhatsApp Beta program via Google Play,, you will be able to take the new updating.

You can see version return option, which is now being introduced in the Google Play Store. The Facebook Messenger Rooms shortcut was not disabled for those asking, the chat sharing sheet inside the WhatsApp. The video, documents, gallery, audio, place and communication shortcuts are still residing next to it.

It sadly means that re-adding the camera shortcut really increases the chat sharing sheet scale of the WhatsApp. It’s unpredictable, but you have at least returned the choice to your favorite cross-platform message program. You can see how it looks below, or your app can be updated:

It is also important to remember that this update does not seem to fix some problems that are mentioned by others in group chat with read receipts. To some people, this has been a issue since users had received version earlier this month. All you have to do is put the camera shortcut back into the chat sharing sheet of WhatsApp for now.

As we said you need to see the WhatsApp Beta update now rolls out via the Google Play Store. You can also do so here if you want to sign.

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