For A Safe, Clutter-free User Experience, Miui 12 Tips And Tricks

Xiaomi introduced some interesting new features with MIUI 12. Xiaomi redesigned the look and feel of MIUI 12, and in executing some features, it has taken some influence from iOS. It also has some features that not only clear out the clutter, but also make it much easier to access some games. We will walk you through the steps in this guide that will make your MIUI 12 experience tidy, clutter-free, and much more practical.


  • In MIUI 12, you can activate an iOS-esque command center
  • By default, MIUI 12 contains an app tray, but you can also disable it.
  • The Lite Mode of MIUI 12 renders the homepage clutter free.

Please note that for this tutorial, the tips below were tested on a Redmi 9 Power, so some features on your smartphone may be a bit different or may not appear entirely because Xiaomi makes different MIUI 12 builds for different smartphones. You may also watch the embedded video below, which is centered on the same steps.

1. Enable Control Center iOS-style
The notification shade usually hosts some fast settings on Android smartphones. But MIUI 12 has a dedicated pulldown of fast settings, which it calls the Control Centre. In order to make it:

1.Open App Settings > Display > Control Center & Notification Shade.

Enable New Control Center Settings to Use
Simply swipe down on the right half of your screen to use it. The cool thing is, as you do in iOS, you don’t have to go all the way up and swipe down on the right corner of your window, you can swipe in the right half anywhere.

2. Disable drawer of apps
The much awaited app drawer has been introduced to Xiaomi devices by MIUI 12. Not only does it group things alphabetically, but also, like Poco Launcher, on the basis of their kind. But some people like the old look of it, which reminds them of iOS as well. To turn it back on, follow these steps:

  • Click an empty area on your home screen for a long time.
  • Select Settings > More, then.
  • This will open some additional settings where you need to choose Home Screen > Standard.

3. Mode Lite
If you’re a fan of big icons on iOS, move on, MIUI 12 has something for you. To make a similar vibe possible:

  • Go to Setup > Special Features > Mode Lite.
  • The Lite mode is allowed here.

While this makes it look clean on your home screen, it has a big font size. Go to Show > Text Size to turn the font size down, and then pick the font size you want. It’s very quick to turn it off if you think the Lite mode isn’t for you after trying it out. Go to Setup > Tap to switch the Lite mode off.

4. Navigation Based on Gesture
MIUI 12 provides navigation based on gestures. In order to allow this:

  • Go to Other Settings > Full Screen View.
  • Pick gestures for the full screen. Then MIUI will provide you with a short tour of how it works.

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