Males Or Females Commit More Fraud? The Internet With A Pakistani Boy’s Response

Men or women betray more frequently in relationships? That is a question that is commonly posed. Data suggests that men are more likely than women to commit adultery. Nonetheless, a lot of people think that women cheat more frequently. Before you react, you should know that this topic of cheating is hotly contested and has emerged as a widespread problem in the present era of Instagram and reels. As this was going on, a Pakistani girl went out into the streets to find an answer to the age-old query and came up with some humorous responses.

You will laugh out loud watching the amusing video. The popular video was posted on Instagram by the user @the royal sisodiya_. The video has gone viral, receiving over 20M likes and views.

Watch the video here:

The female asks a boy, “Acha Batao, Ladke Bewafa Hote Hain Ya Ladkiyan (Tell me, who is the cheater, me or women?)” in the beginning of the film. The boy replies, “Ladkiyan,” without giving it a second thought. The female then queries, “Kyun?” once more. The youngster then responds, “Bas, Hoti Hain. Sach Bata Raha Hun Main. Apko Main Duniya Ki Baat Bata Raha. Iphone, Rolex, and a car are available for purchase. Toh Har Ladki Bewafa Hai If Apke Paas Kuch Bhi Nahin Hai.”

The young woman then queries, “Aisi Baat Kyun Hai (Why is it so)?” Yeh Duniya Ka Trend Hai, the young man answers. Motorbike Wala Le Jata Hai Cycle Wala Ka Pyaar. Gadi Wala Le Jata Hai Motorbike Wala. (This is currently in style. A motorcycle man steals a cycle boy’s love, while a vehicle owner steals a motorcycle man’s love. After hearing the boy’s fantastic response, the girl and the onlookers start laughing.

The girl again inquires, “Tumhare Saath Aise Huya Hai?” as she is unable to contain her laughing. The “fortunate” man claims he drives a Honda and hasn’t found love yet. The amusing video is going viral like crazy, and the online community responded with some hilarious comments. One person said, “Gadi Wala Ka Pyaar, Government Employment Wala Le Jata Hai Bhai.” “Toh Roh Kyun Raha Hai Bhai,” said another user. Using laughing emojis, say “Jaldi Kamao, Paisa Kamao, and Tum Bhi Kisi Aur Ka Pyaar Le Aao.” Another user added, “Arey Sahi Bol Gaya, Yeh Toh.”

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