Registration And Check Status For The Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2023

The Indian government’s ambitious Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2023 programme aims to encourage the use of solar energy for agricultural applications. The programme aims to give farmers a cheap and environmentally friendly substitute for conventional diesel or electric pumps, which are not only expensive but also dramatically increase pollution and carbon emissions. Farmers can visit the official website to check the status of the Kusum Yojana.

Kusum Solar Pump Yojana

The government intends to provide 20 lakh solar pumps to farmers nationwide by the end of 2023 as part of the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2023. Farmers will be able to water their fields during the day instead of at night thanks to these pumps, which will also help farmers save money on their electricity expenses.

Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2023

A excellent programme, the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2023 works to advance sustainable agriculture while simultaneously advancing the government’s wider objective of installing 175 GW of renewable energy capacity by that year. Also, the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2023 contains provisions for the construction of solar power plants with a maximum capacity of 2 MW on farmers’ unusable or barren land. By selling the extra power to the grid, they will be able to make more money. By the encouragement of solar entrepreneurship, the programme also aims to provide rural youngsters with employment prospects.

Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2023 Overview

Article Title Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2023
Scheme Name Kusum Solar Pump Yojana
Conducted by Narendra Modi (Prime Minister Of India )
Category Yojana
Category Scheme updates
Helpline Number 18001803333
Official website

Kusum Yojana Eligibility

The following are the requirements for participation in the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana:

  • A farmer, a group of farmers, or a farmer producer association should be the applicant (FPO).
  • For the installation of the pump, the farmer needs have a working home or agricultural metered connection.
  • The farm should be owned or leased by the farmer.
  • The farmer should not have previously accepted any federal or state subsidies for a solar pump.
  • Any loan that the farmer has taken out with a financial institution shouldn’t go into default.
  • The farmer must be prepared to pay at least 10% of the solar pump’s overall cost; the remaining amount will be covered by subsidies.

Kusum Yojana Official Website

An official website for the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana, introduced by the Indian government, offers details on the programme and the application procedure. Farmers can access all of the information they need about the Kusum Yojana on its official website. Farmers can discover all the information they require regarding the qualifying requirements, the registration process, and the government’s subsidy amount on the website

A list of commonly asked questions (FAQs) is available on the Kusum Yojana official website to assist farmers in clearing up any issues they might have about the programme. Also, farmers can download the registration application form and a list of essential papers from the website.

Kusum Yojana Status Check

The Government of India’s flagship programme, the Kusum Yojana, encourages farmers to use solar power. The programme offers farmers financial support for the installation of solar water heaters, solar power plants connected to the grid, and solar pumps. Farmers can check the Kusum Yojana Status on the official website, the MNRE website, or the portal that their state government has chosen.

Kusum Yojana Helpline Number

The Kusum Yojana Helpline Line is a crucial point of contact for farmers and other interested parties who want to take advantage of the Kusum Yojana scheme’s benefits. The Indian government’s main programme, the Kusum Yojana, attempts to encourage the use of solar energy for agricultural uses.

There is a helpline for Kusum Yojana at 18001803333. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy offers a toll-free number for the Kusum Yojana helpline, which can be contacted from anywhere in the nation. The Kusum Yojana helpline number offers details about the programme, support with the application process, and aid with any problems that could crop up while the programme is being implemented.

The Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2023 Application Process

The methods listed below can be used to apply for the Kusum Solar Pump Yojana 2023 if you are a farmer interested in the program:-

  • The District Agricultural Department should be contacted: To acquire the application form and learn more about the application procedure, get in touch with your district agriculture department.
  • Filling out the application Provide all pertinent information on the application form, including your name, address, and bank account information.
  • Include required documents: You must also include required documents, such as proof of land ownership, an Aadhaar card, a bank passbook, passport-size photos, and more.
  • Send the application form to the District Agricultural Department when you have completed it and attached any required documentation.
  • Wait for approval: After submitting your application, you must await the appropriate authorities’ permission. In order to determine if it is feasible to install solar pumps on your property, the authorities will examine the information you submitted in your application and do site inspections.
  • If your application is accepted, you will receive a solar pump at a discounted rate. The government will also contribute financially to the solar pump installation.
Official Website

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